Don't Make The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Regret This, Brandon

This face-eatus interruptus and more as we collect the key pics from S07.E16, 'Unnecessary Roughness'!

The Again With This podcast that illuminates these Visual Aids will throw in breakfast.

Of all the things Val could have rolled her eyes at, she picks the fact that It's Log and XXXXXXXL Jeans are getting along for once?

Grounds for justifiable homicide.

We're struggling to understand either of these shirts, or Clare's part.

"En francais, class!" "Onh honh honh honh honnnnhhh."

Cutest Steve scene ever, in an episode that sorely needed it.

Stripper STUFF.

Pretty sure these creeps were also in the driveway in GoodFellas when Henry t'rew Karen's rapey neighbor a beatin'.

They're also violating The Pleated Avenger's intellectual-property rights.

Definitely not The Thunder From Down Under, no sirree.

Maybe dust the one partners' desk Props had so it doesn't look pre-owned?

Although it did prompt the rare cameo by David's teeth as-is, so just ignore us.

If Tracy doesn't want Sam, we'll take him.

Brandon, sensing legit competition, immediately dons a blandly hateful face.

"AND." And she obviously didn't marry him, dingus; quit fuckin' looming up on her like you're not the size of a third-grader.

Oh good, some unfunny Brandon STUFF to interrupt this chewy kiss.

Even better, some Sam to interrupt this...well, it's not a "kiss" exactly, is it. "Bray-nus flytrapping"?

...Again: no. Dial it down, short stack.

ffs with this coffee-drinking affectation. HANDLE!!

Could not be more psyched for Donna's tape.

Sterling Silvers and a question mark?

As if even that kookoopants Garrett Slan could stare at Donna's ugly '70s pinafore and low-flow hair-don't for that long without suffering retinal scarring.


Donna's horrified reaction to the railing rose sure isn't undercut by the fleecy sheep onesie she's wearing as pajamas! In Los Angeles!


Like a dumb baby in the headlights.

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