Could Be Trouble In Paradise For The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids

And the trouble starts with everyone's hair-don'ts, as we collect all the most important (and incomprehensible) looks from S08.E08.

The Again With This podcast that illuminates these Visual Aids was just trying to look on the brighter side.

Okay: those aren't your dishes, jerks. Furthermore, the super-awk blocking designed to hide what's left of Jennie Garth's post-baby belly is only drawing attention to it. Again.

Chewy kisses, part the first.

Chewy kisses, part the second.

Yeah, they're nauseating us too, Steve.

No one is convinced. Please stop.

Thanks for making an enclosed space rull musky, idiots.

After you defile this elevator, make sure you save some energy for...

...a bad-hair contest in which there can be no winner!

Top of her class, guys. In...lampshade design, we guess.

Mrs. G, please do not encourage her.

Channeling Morty. That, or STUFF is contagious.

...Yeah, probably the second thing.

Because wine glasses are for the bourgeoisie.

Sub-tull reactions.

They said themselves that no one cares, and yet, here we all are in this 5-Hour Energy Priestley hellscape.

Don't get creative with black tie, Jersey. Please.

The joy of busting a deadbeat.

Trust your instincts, Jill.

Maybe learn your landlord's name, David.

(And some new stressed-out blocking. Seriously, it's every scene, and we can't not notice it because we hate those rings so GD much.)

Easy, tiger; you still have four payments left on that can.

This cleavage is simply incomprehensible.

As is this goofily inept display of eviction rage, although that David's haplessness even extends to getting the entire notification sticker off the door brings Sarah great joy.

Hard to believe Donna's checks don't have kittens on them.

Hey, Sucks McKenzie: instead of this pissface, try "THANK YOU, OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH." Or killing yourself.

What even is this hair"style." Did they start with Polaroids of the Mars Attacks alien heads as a guideline?

And then comb it over a ham hock?

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