Can The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Stop The Man-Bashing For A Minute Here, Guys?

Not if the 'man' in question is a cheaty poof clown whose vest is only slightly more acceptable than his constant expression of superiority, they can't.

The Again With This podcast that goes with these Visual Aids made you wait seven years.

Shitty sketch before Zack gets his 'yolas on it. Not clear why a drawing of an outfit that presumably needs to indicate sleeves has the "model"'s arms pinned back like a game hen, but far be it from us to question dumb baby's genius.

How temporary is this situation if Zack's actual bed is in the beach apartment somehow?

Sketch STUFF. And for the record, Sarah doesn't understand why they weren't colored in by Donna already.

How we feel about Donna's makeup narrative, which is at least adjacent to appropriate for day in this scene.

Slip Dress Over Baby Tee Avenger loves her some sports.

David faces away from these legendary boobs like the idiot he is.

We're unsettled by the un-Billy-Vera-city of New Duke, but we'll get over it if he t'rows Brandon a beating.

B-Sur is B-Ack.

And so is the continuing saga of Donna's pointless non-up up-dos. Why bother, seriously.

The return of Lord Pissface.

Way to be sly, New Duke. Sure you don't want a nametag with your full name and the word "bookie" underneath it?

So. Much. Tongue.

Obvious guilt is obvious.

The long-suffering Terri's replacement, Janet, who will be even longer- and harder-suffering.

Especially when she's working for these two eejits, and editing David's "copy," which sadly will not be a review of the dumb, dated hair"style" Brandon makes the grave mistake of drawing our attention to.

A watched watch never etc. and so on. Also, we get it.

Attempted loom fails to intimidate anyone.

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