Beverly Hills, 90210's Crusading Reporters To Gaze Into The Face Of Sweatshop Profiteering

Turns out the face of sweatshop profiteering should get its teeth professionally cleaned a bit more often.

When Brandon, the august editor of the Beverly Beat, finds out that his developing story on sweatshop labour at a local apparel company implicates the former owner of his publication and its current publisher's father, he reaches out to a colleague at another publication to cover it without being accused of a conflict of interest. Just kidding! He sends Steve, not a journalist, to get the truth out of Rush. Fortunately for everyone, Donna's source is able to stop by the office to speak to someone about her experience, and crying women are Steve's Kryptonite. Elsewhere, David is having a harder and harder time ignoring how racist the band he's managing is; Val and Noah are still being extremely annoying in whatever passes for a relationship between them; and when Kelly fails to identify Brandon's shooter at a police lineup, Brandon is extremely understanding about it, jk lol he's a bitch about it.

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