Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Dos and Don'ts

Peek out of the corner of your eye at all the most important snapshots from S08.E20!

The Again With This podcast that illuminates these Visual Aids is DEAD, MAN.

Unlikely free-clinic patient/daughter matchmaker.

Anti-Valentine's basic bray.

Exactly, Janet. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!

You are both terrible. Go get married on the surface of the sun, and take that ridiculous authorly turtleneck with you, Low Pockets.

The former Mrs. Ziering.

Favs should really sue everything in this scene into oblivion.

Same, Val.

tfw you and Buntsy have the same alarm clock.

Same, Noah. (Nice leopard-print leotard to sleep in, trash.)

Hey, It's That Michael Trucco!.

Val is charmed, by a guy who did a Charmed. (We think it was actually an arc? Don't at us.)

Pouting over Donna.

No, Bozo.

Mall cleavern.

We'd still like to see this blocking made a felony, but it's kind of justified here, for once.





Opioid-crisis cleavern triptych.

Take it easy, String-Bean Folds.

Speaking of Favreau, it's Glares For Five up in here. At least Favreau would have known when to call a cut.

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