Beverly Hills, 90210 Turns Kelly Into A Homophobe For The Supposed Benefit Of A Beleaguered Teen Mom

Is a baby better off with the mother who ditched him or, as she puts it, a couple of 'queers'? 'The Nature Of Nurture' is at issue in our latest Again With This podcast!

So Kelly was all about getting that confused teen mother, Leanne, to take back the baby she abandoned at the clinic. But when that teen mother, Leanne, let Kelly know that, actually, leaving the baby was the right call, Kelly decided that, actually, Kelly should foster the baby...which is why, when Pam tells her that, actually, her agency has found a pair of qualified foster parents to take the baby, suddenly Kelly is a homophobe who doesn't think a baby should be raised in a household without a mother. Brandon doesn't necessarily agree, and lets her know in the form of a cover story in the Beat, which alerts Leanne to the baby's fate because Brandon doesn't have the sense to use a goddamn pseudonym. So then Leanne wants Kelly's help to recover the baby so that he isn't raised by "queers," and Kelly has to face her own bigotry when it's looking back at her out of Jessica Alba's face. Also Kelly's father's out of prison and dating Val's mom. Brandon and Steve battle over whether it's more important to keep the Beat afloat by taking cigarette ads or let it die on principle -- that is, while Steve isn't continuing to pretend he's Jill's pen pal Ted. Noah engages in shenanigans to get Donna's fashion career back on track (which is to say: finds a new way to control the world with his money). And David's new neighbour, another washed-out rock star, helps David remember what he loves about music. We discuss "The Nature Of Nurture" in our latest Again With This podcast!

Visual Aids

At least the accompanying Visual Aids didn't leave their kid on a doorstep.

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