Beverly Hills, 90210 Says Aloha To Los Angeles

Hawaii promptly commences trying to kill everyone in the gang.

Our remaining characters have all graduated CU. Now what? Well: everyone needs a job except for David (running the Peach Pit After Dark into the ground) and Kelly (somehow: she's going to be working at a Foundation that, let's hope, isn't actually a cult). Naturally, therefore, they all decide to join Donna for her first assignment as a fashion Waikiki! Where they run into Brandon's ex-girlfriend Tracy, and have a marine meet-cute with fifteenth-generation Dylan photocopy Noah. Along the way, some models almost drown, Steve gets a terrible sunburn, and David slides into a lagoon and a near-death experience. Will Steve even make it home to continue witlessly hitting on single mom Carly? We discuss it all on the podcast!

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