And The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Forecast For Today Is...

Welcome to Wardrobe Weather -- and the stalkers and bitchfaces it inspires, as we collect the most important moments from S07.E15!

The Again With This podcast that accompanies these Visual Aids has gotta go, it has important things to do.

"My dick is so big, I can't stand on both feet at once!" ...Dingleberry.

The biggest jeans yet. In fact, they may be a denim Snuggie.

Not how we handle carbonated beverages, club owner. Come on.

Donna Lewis, aka "Sheila Silver Jr."

Angry crimp is angry.

Possibly that Wardrobe put her in these nothing-but-camel-toe pants.

Angry cowlick is also angry.

Bad hair for everyone at the beach apartment!

Weather-lewk STUFF.

"And that's tonight's episode of Sister-Wife Weekly."

Exactly, Rusty.

Neil puts the "dumb" back in "dumbstruck."

Hard to say exactly which aspect of Neil is horrifying Clare so. Possibly that her dad wanted to set her up with this doofus?

Oh, Neil. No.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day; here's Kelly being a bitch about it, with justification for once.

Sarah can't do math, apparently, because if Jennie Garth is pregnant in this shot, Luca Bella is, like, 16 cells big.

Corn Shooters: the new Rex.

Not-ready-for-primetime boob canyon.

Evan is performatively weird about putting the flowers in a vase.

Boob Canyon Returns. AND she's wearing yet another top in the burnt-orange family, which is really not flattering to Tori Spelling's...anything.

Every smug signifier in one act-out shot, but at least she's sort of using the cup's handle.

This bedhead is the best coif Donna's had in a while.

We love this nameless producer. She only has one facial expression...but it's always this, so it's all cool.

Donna horror. Guess she spotted her hair-don't in the booth-glass reflection.

Cute dress, though! Sarah would wear that. In fact, Sarah may own that from Brooklyn Industries, in brown?

Like Sarah tells the cats on a daily basis: it's not hiding if I can see your tail.

Blue-collar Steve.

Blue-collar Steve is a bitch about it.

Us watching this season. (Also, as if Steve is reading Ulysses. ANY other book, Props.)

Seems like maybe the Phantom has too much time on his hands if he can pull pranks like this one. Like, enough time that he could come up with better pranks. That...are actually pranks.

Also, he's just giving away comics and notebooks? Maybe save that money for food?

Silent-movie impotent rage.

The Phantom is caught! The cute!

We don't hate this tactical turtleneck.

What is this side-five even for -- homeless ingenuity? Shut up, storyline.

The Phantom graduates.

"So long, squatter's nest. I bet nobody even noticed it's the same set as when that janitor was blackmailing Steve."

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