All The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Need Is A Date

And for Matt to grow a vertebra and dump Kelly already, as we sort through the optical horrors of S09.E13.

The Again With This podcast has been over this.

Suddenly, a dog/dog-ownership. For the chief purpose of unfunny "bitch" jokes, no doubt. This f'in show.

The store-brand Dean Cain sent to inspire Steve-jealousy STUFF.

A very good girl.

Get some, Nipsey.

After a few rocky weeks, the Sanders charm has the desired effect.

Clara: Portrait Of A Try-Hard.

Though we're not about to argue with this reax to Donna's "work."

Emerging-designer STUFF.

The one-legged model has checked in. We assume she lost her other leg down that cleavern.

Clara's attempted zhuzh.

LOL at the "public hearings" dummy copy paired with the pic.

Dumb baby reacts to critique in dumb-babiest fashion yet.

The misguided yoots of yesteryear.

Dumb-baby pride.

A jury of Dylan's shitty peers. Nice of David to take over braying duties for Brandon, may he rest in bees.

Doors are hard with those skinny stick-insect arms.

Cryface I: Ate A Bug.

Cryface II: Pooped A Handful Of Horse Chestnuts.

The Streisand Claws O' Forgiveness.

Lank hair + bitchy chipmunk face = did she just have oral surgery?

Matt: dump her.

...How about now? Will you please dump her now?


Mantis jailbreak!

Cool hiding place, Jones.

Tip of the cap to Luke Perry's commitment, we guess, but this is like when cats put only their heads under a piece of furniture and still think they're "hiding"? So we're...giggling? And writing captions like A Million Little Pieces...Of Sand In My Teeth? In short: not great/hee.

Yes! Confront her even more! Start by snatching that 'do!

When you made a bad bet on Dylan...and Dylan's REAL girlfriend.

New-kid bonding.

Alive, if you can call that etc.

Ever heard of it?

Lauren the human soap-obstacle pylon.

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