A Beverly Hills, 90210 Bar Back Has (Brooklyn) 99 Problems, And David's Insolvency Is One

We've collected the most important imagery from 'Friends, Lovers And Children'!

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Zach's waking up just in time to see what sex in the '90s was like! (There were chunky block heels; otherwise pretty much the same.)

What possible reason might Carly's customer Jody want to give up caffeine?!

This soap opera shot composition, lol.

Turns out Steve briefly dated Jody when he was offscreen for the summer (...okay), and that she's pregnant (oof), and HE IS THE FATHER (SHOCKED FACES)!!!

Here's Vincent Young doing Noah's patented "all emotions look like holding in a sneeze" move.

And here he is coming at Val with a fish mouth before deciding he'd rather keep his germs to himself.

Us too, Terri. The difference is, you can quit.

"MOzzzzzart" gets ready for his solo while Swarthy Louis C.K. tries to maintain his composure.

We so seldom have anything nice to say about Kelly these days, so: this "WTF?" face about Noah's out-of-nowhere arrest is pretty good.


Manly handshake alert! Brandon's approval = getting jumped in to the gang.

Hitchcock from Brooklyn Nine-Nine/David's bar back gets the pleasure of glaring his disapproval of David's business acumen directly at David's face, like we wish we could.

Donna apparently sublimated all her rage at David from the end of the last episode into this overworked hairstyle.

And this is the face you make at this kind of baby lewk.

At first we assumed David saved this flyer from a show he attended at a better-run music venue because, The Blind Boys Of Alabama doing a gospel brunch at the Peach Pit After Dark? No. Then we remember it actually happened.

David's keeping his financial problems from Donna so that she can go about her business shopping for lingerie at...KMart?

In the '90s, retailers had machines that could instantly tell if you were trying to bounce a cheque on them...apparently? Your Canadian correspondent doesn't recall this, and usually Canadian banking practices are much more advanced than America's (really!), but then maybe we didn't need machines like this because we went straight to debit cards. Thanks for joining us for Cheque Talk!

Everett Sands was apparently late meeting David because he had a rehearsal with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

The pissface you make when you're a supplicant seeking money from a criminal.

lol at David's extremely unconvincing attempt at Donna's signature...but snaps for the continuity of seeing she recently wrote a cheque to Maxfields. That's where Celeste worked!

Even a dumb baby gets off a sick burn once in a while.

Seriously with this blocking again. Learn a new move, Green.

What's clear about this posture is how remorseful it is!

You'd think the one thing a dumb baby could do convincingly is cry. (We've long since given up on her knowing how to conceal the cleavern.)

"Hookers." - Brandon. (Okay, seriously, the reason everyone has to say "It's Erica!" and "It's Dylan's sister!" 500 times is that this is a new actress who, other than that they're both white women, looks 0% like Noley Thornton.)

Maybe say it louder, Bran, because judging by her footwear, this girl thinks she's on her way to a Luscious Jackson show.

This is Pam, the social worker who can't with Kelly and Brandon's pushy know-it-allitude. This is also, when she's off-duty, Nancy Moonves, soon to get dumped by CBS President Les Moonves so he can take up with Julie Chen, and when you look at this's like she knows.

Erica's taken up sex work, and Kelly is a bitch about it.

Oh Ricky, you're so fine, you're so fine you took Brandon's money, hey Ricky!

These are also the days of pimps' lives.

Look out, Brandon, he's got nail file?

In case you were wondering, Brandon still can't work pockets.

Don't ask an underage sex worker why he doesn't just go back to his family if this is the face you're going to make at the answer.

Surely Kelly could figure out a way to fit four other kinds of hair clip into this hairdon't.

We assume Kelly and Brandon are picking Erica up so she can get to her...Noxzema commercial?

Oh yeah, this is a comforting expression. Now we all definitely believe you know how to get Erica off the streets.

It's not really a robbery if the photo frames aren't nudged slightly and left just slightly crooked.

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