Your Mother, As A Sex Toy

  • You like it? I'll teach you a thing or two.
  • You're my TV boyfriend.
  • For this Flash Challenge, we're out in the middle of nowhere, and I think we're here to bury a body.
  • Can I sit by Tylor, so I can just hug him a little bit, because I'm scared.
  • If she has one really long leg and a gimpy leg, Hannah's definitely gonna call me out on it.
  • Is there a T here? 'Cause aesthetically these words don't look good.
  • There goes my fuckin' paper towel.
  • Mine's still faceless.
  • As I look around I'm seeing full bodies everywhere.
  • That's a horrible way to paint your mother, as a sex toy.
  • After all the painting challenges I'm just still not there.
  • There's a Banksy-esque thing going on.
  • I'm hoping for awesome.
  • All our skins are female this week, and I'm like, yay-uh, girl frickin' power!
  • Hottie alert.
  • I haven't really told anyone up until now, but hey, Mom and Dad: I'm gay.
  • She is a blank canvas. All the real estate is for sale.
  • I definitely need it to be sexual in nature.
  • She's gonna love me for the rest of her life. …As a friend.
  • And the cupcake made out of a brain?
  • This is my seductive succubus.
  • Two things: the proportions on this arm suck.
  • I'll stab you with my sword, and I'm a mermaid!
  • You're making a life decision on TV. That's gotta be, like, hard.
  • Hi, Pete. Hi.
  • I just gotta lay that shit in there, no breaks, nothin'.
  • I cannot stress that enough: I don't do the style.
  • Dude, you guys are killing me. You got five hours.
  • I'm hoping it's all in the lines.
  • My one big concern is that hand is just a monster's hand.
  • It's sweet. It's cute. It's whatever.
  • I can totally see where you're coming from; really don't care.
  • Sad day.
  • It always is.
  • You guys are here now, and some of you claim to be great tattooers. Here's an idea: let's see 'em.
  • Sucks. I lost my boo.
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