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Oh, Danny…Oy

Anthony's sick and Danny's tired. Who survives? Should you watch?


As May May zips up her rad hot-pink knee-high Docs, Danny and Anthony set the storylines for the ep in motion: Danny is complaining about stress some more as he sharps up his Mohawk, and Anthony doesn't feel well.

Flash Challenge

The Inkers meet up with Joe Capobianco and graphic novelist Chynna Clugston-Flores's try-hard bangs at L.A.'s Japanese gardens. Joe tasks them with drawing a three-panel anime of their pasts, presents, and futures. Danny has no idea what anime is, a fact he seems offended rather than embarrassed by, and runs out of time to color his in, and gets an eye-roll from Capo (the first of many). Anthony is trying not to bralf into a koi pond, and scribbles a little note on his indifferent effort about how he's sorry to have dishonored the manga form. Alayna's manga is something about her veganism?

Joe Non-Capo wins.

Ink Challenge

Today's skins want Asian-inspired designs. Pete Wentz, who is wearing another shirt he borrowed from his niece or something…

Screen: Oxygen

Screen: Oxygen

…I mean, right? Not to hate on his Delia's genderfuck if that's what's going on. Do you, Wentzie. Anyhoodle, he says that Asian art is characterized by "powerful use of symbolic images." No doubt that line is written for him, but…as opposed to Western art's love of literalist rectangles?

The skins file in and tell their stories; more interesting than usual, which isn't saying much, but I continue to wish they'd cut this segment or let the inspirations in via the skins' meetings with the artists. High five to that guy Robert who wants a tat of a samurai on his ribs to symbolize that his dad is always on his side. Geddit? ON his SIDE? …Hey, I'm into it.


At the Tathaus, Danny has a sad, then quits again. Willy's like, sweet, one less person in my way, but Capo comes over and reams him for being a baby, and then Danny unquits again and Willy's like, oh fuck's sake.

During the Ink Challenge, May May has connection problems with her machine; Anthony is all sweaty and looks like he might hurl into his skin's ear at any moment; and Romeo waits until Danny's skin leaves before telling Danny that his tattoo isn't Asian-looking like at all, then pulls the old "hey, 'friends' can be honest." He's half-laughing the whole time, too, suggesting that he's only doing it to get camera time and/or that Danny is beyond easy to fuck with…

Biggest Gap Between Challenge Brief And Tattoo Art

…but the kid's not wrong. Danny's peacock looks like the "before" part of a Cymbalta commercial.

Tattoo I Would Consider Copying

The judges shit all over May May's proportions, with reason, but if she could tweak those and fix the sword, I liked her samurai. Honorable mention to Willy's for the shading on the feathers; it's just that if I get one more bird tat, I'll have to move to Portland so that one's out for me.

Client Who's Saving For Laser

Lara's is a confusing, too-purple mess, to me, but it's still better than Anthony's. Credit to Nausea Argento over there for sticking it out, but the crane is all tangly, and what's with the fart clouds in the background?


Good intel as usual, from Capo (explains how to give a design more depth), Hannah (enlightens us on what makes Joe's detailing special, spots that Anthony's work basically failed all the way back at the drawing board), and Sabina (very tactful about "hard to read" line work and "unique" color stories).

Willy, Joe, and Alayna land in the top; Alayna's the winner. Nice comeback, and that snake is amazing, especially the photo-real skin. Those three pick May May, Danny, and Anthony, and Anthony is sent home, and then Capo yells at Danny again. Fine with that result as well.

Quote Du Jour

"Sometimes you have struggles in life, and you just want to give up? But you just need Joe Capobianco to yell at you for like five minutes, and your whole life'll change around." -- Danny's onto something here

Crackerjack Or Memento?

Now that you know Anthony never ends up speeyacking (that we see), maybe that ruins some of the suspense? I could go either way on this one, as it devotes too much time to inessential tasks and crises, but it's fairly entertaining at the same time. I'd say it's a Crackerjack tattoo OF Guy Pearce in Memento -- small, impermanent, but pretty hilarious.

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