'Is There Any Way To Fix That?'

  • So obviously what we just saw was not real.
  • Dude, do you know how bad-ass of an El Camino I can buy with that?
  • I would work on the expressions a little bit.
  • I'm, uh, terrified by guns and gunshots, so that's really what grasped my attention.
  • You've got a lot of really nice action here.
  • The character kicking kinda looks a little bored, but overall I thought it was pretty nice.
  • Nobody here you'd take a bullet for?
  • Put up all my artwork, a shrine to myself like Derek did?
  • So, great. Eff my life.
  • I wanna get a tattoo to represent their love together.
  • Granted, the best realistic artists are the ones who add a little bit of themselves to it.
  • Yeah, but photos can be horrible! She could have her grandfather's drivers license from 1955!
  • For five hours, I'm doing black and grey.
  • My problem with temples has always been that I have a hard time doing texture from a distance.
  • If it's a car, cars are -- they're not fun to do.
  • I'll have nightmares of the fuzziest Polaroid photo ever.
  • I've been waiting all night to see this. Reveal it to me.
  • I'm open-minded to that.
  • I'm a portrait tattooer, so this is not a problem for me.
  • The jellyfish only, like, exists.
  • I've done a ton of thighs since I've been here.
  • My only thing is, I want my forehead to look less like a fivehead, and more of a forehead.
  • Is there any way to fix that?
  • If anything, it's gotta be bigger.
  • You're gonna go home with an unfinished tattoo.
  • You know how slow I am.
  • I'm still working on your dad's '80s fro.
  • Especially 'cause he's got the glasses?
  • This is the tattoo I'm the happiest with.
  • I'm still stressed out, man. That was hard. That was hard shit.
  • I do feel that this is not a five-hour tattoo, though.
  • This tattoo looks better than the picture. Gotta give you props on that.
  • If you don't see it in the photo, don't put it in the tattoo.
  • What she's gonna do now, with a car on her top of her shoulder? What else can she do with her back?
    I guess she could do more cars, if she wanted?
  • No. I do circles just fine.
  • For me, just a floating head wasn't enough.
  • Let's just savor this moment for a second, please.
  • Just a texture nightmare.
  • Teresa's tattoo I hate.
  • It just saddens me to see what you guys are doing, this late in the game.
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