'Dollarz Knows All About Sensual Tension.'

  • A guitar is an extension of you; the loudest version of yourself.
  • Maybe throw like 'rock star' on the back, throw a skull in there and just really rock and roll.
  • Dollarz is really into hip-hop and I think maybe he's just unfamiliar with the fact that the strings are on the front of the guitar?
  • You mean that mess over there?
  • The design is kinda something that I can see from a distance, and kind of point it out and just be cool.
  • I am obviously the heavy-metal chick of the group.
  • There's like one humongous humongous problem: the bird's dead. And if you're not left-handed that's, like, seriously a thing.
  • I do have a name. It's Dollarz.
  • I don't even know what the hell an abstract tattoo is.
  • This dude is awesome, you know, we're both in leather and American flags…
  • I want to get like an abstract tattoo that has to do with the duck and the guitar, and overcoming things, and expressing myself through music.
  • Don't even worry about that, bro. My shit is legit.
  • I have a 10-month-old daughter, so I know all about it.
  • I draw every tattoo that day, on the spot, right there, because I'm confident in myself.
  • Abstract is in the eye in the beholder.
  • Dollarz knows all about sensual tension.
  • 'You wanted a duck, you wanted a guitar,' and she just seems to be completely confused.
  • I do my best tattoos when I'm, like, super-emotional.
  • That doesn't look like paint to you?
    No, it looks like straight lines.
  • I don't want to go home because you don't know what's going on.
  • I'm sick of Derek being so cocky all the time, I hope they kick him in his ass for this one.
  • Technically, what the hell happened?
  • That's the true meaning of clunkiness in this tattoo.
  • This is very unpleasant on the body.
  • It looked like a tribal tire track.
  • All that being said, Derek, yours was the least in lacking when it came to the abstract, and the quality in which the tattoo was done.
  • Jerod, it's my opinion that if you go home, it should be a for a shit tattoo.
  • I expected a lot more out of your tattoo. I mean, you went to art school, right?
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