A Horse Is A Horse Is A...Oh, Dear

  • I really feel like Kelly is like this dark cloud over the group, man.
  • I hope we're making sandwiches, 'cause I'm starving.
  • Right now, I'm stoked, because I design stuff on a day-to-day basis.
  • Chicks dig candy!
  • I think about Rev, I think about no laces, that's just how it goes.
  • That symbolism, that is an element of you, I think that's truly awesome.
  • I thought it was a lot going on.
  • So full of it right now.
  • I'm here to compete; I strive to compete. I need you to understand that I'm here to win.
  • We want to commemorate a tattoo together that shows how close we are.
  • I have a tattoo of her, but not with her.
  • Please don't put me with Alli. I'll do anything, just don't put me with Alli.
  • So, brown horse, purple hair, blue fire.
  • She definitely is behaving in a manner that was more like, we were the opposite of teammates.
  • Horses are super-flighty creatures, but they're also really strong.
  • I'm tattooing around her gunshot wound.
    Oh, for Chrissake.
  • Blue eyes, blue fire, purple hair, grey body?
  • It is the best-case scenario you could ever hope for: they both started crying.
  • My girl has the tiniest arm you could possibly have in a grown woman. It's like a wrist.
  • Anybody who's been tattooing for a while knows that older skin's definitely a lot more difficult.
  • I'm immune. I can do a crappy tattoo and stay; she can't.
  • I'm havin' spine surgery!
  • Ah, some color, finally.
  • Quadruple-five!
  • It looks like he's farting a giant Venezuela silhouette.
  • The whole bird thing just didn't work out for me.
  • I don't want to hear 'that's not really my style.'
  • What bugs me is that it looks like three different tattoos.
  • You've been in the bottom three since the beginning of this competition, and in all honesty, none of us want to see a fourth week from you.
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