Tara Ariano

Writer, editor, and snack enthusiast Tara Ariano co-founded TelevisionWithoutPity.com and Fametracker.com before co-founding the site you're reading right now. She's also contributed to New York, The New York Times Magazine, The Awl, Slate, and Grantland, among many others. She lives on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Preview Late Night's Closer Look At Trump's Brutal Budget Proposal

'Are you? Sick of winning yet? Because if you are, you better get to the doctor before Trump takes away your health care.' 2017.03.16

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The excellent use of ABBA is just the beginning. 2017.03.16

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'Why did the chicken-- But first, a word on chickens.' 2017.03.16

Preview Late Night's Closer Look At Whether Literally Anything This President Says Is Credible

'The only constant in all of this is that Trump likes something if it agrees with him, and he hates it if it doesn't.' 2017.03.15

Will Catfish Help IRL Love Bloom Between Danny And Rosa?

Or has Danny been headed down a path of thorns? 2017.03.15S06.E03

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There's a lesson about excessive Snapchatting in here somewhere. 2017.03.15S13.E02

A&E Has Picked Up A Second Season Of Leah Remini: Scientology And The Aftermath

So there are more stories to tell?! (Just kidding, there are thousands.) 2017.03.15

Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson Tell The Late Show Why He Has No Remorse About Demoting Pluto From Its Former Planet Status

Also: what it means for the U.S. to have lost its 'science mojo,' and how wrong Scott Pruitt is about climate change. 2017.03.15

Watch Throwing Shade Spoof The New York Times 'Weekender' In An 'Ad' For Breitbart

'At Breitbart, you get opinions from the right and the left of the extreme fringe of the far right.' 2017.03.15

Watch Late Night's Promo For The New Dating Service Trump Mingle

'Are you ready to tear down that wall around your heart?' 2017.03.15

The Americans Bug Out Over A Vulnerable Food Supply

As wheat takes its rightful place at the center of a suspense plot, Paige gets more stressed. 2017.03.14S05.E02

The Mindy Project Wakes Up Into Yet Another Strange New Life

Time again already for another high-concept episode? Yes. We've collected the most important moments from 'Mindy Lahiri Is A White Man'! 2017.03.14S05.E12

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'Give the people what they want,' indeed. 2017.03.14

Watch A Teaser For Peter Capaldi's Final Season Of Doctor Who

Or, if you prefer, 'the gateway to everything that ever was.' 2017.03.14

Preview Late Night's Closer Look At Donald Trump's Lies About Health Care And His Having Been Wiretapped

'One thing that happens when you make as many wild, unproven claims as Trump does is that the people around you have to go to increasingly ridiculous lengths to try to defend those claims.' 2017.03.13

Watch Last Week Tonight's Report On The House GOPs' Obamacare Replacement

Including the return of the Catheter Cowboy! 2017.03.13S04.E05

The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Have Made Your Hell

Not least with overly tremulous too-close-ups, as Dylan gets married, widowed, and the hell out of Dodge in S06.E10. 2017.03.13S06.E10