Tara Ariano

Writer, editor, and snack enthusiast Tara Ariano co-founded TelevisionWithoutPity.com and Fametracker.com before co-founding the site you're reading right now. She's also contributed to New York, The New York Times Magazine, The Awl, Slate, and Grantland, among many others. She lives in Los Angeles.

Fringe's Multiple-Universes'-Worth-Of-Stars-Crossed Lovers Hit Another Snag

Your Marathon Diarist gets on board with Olivia and Peter just in time for Peter to peace out. Come on, dude, be a buddy! 2014.08.22

Hostage Negotiation

A flashback episode shows us exactly what happened in Gaza eight years ago, and how Nessa and Atika's lives became permanently entwined. 2014.08.21S01.E04

'I Don't Want To Have To Find Another Teacher And Pretend My Son Is Five'

Marisa is raising Austen to be the best, most talented, happiest kid alive, whether he likes it or not. 2014.08.21S01.E03

Suits Sends Louis To The Wolves

And the suits are going to wish he never found his way back. 2014.08.21S04.E10

Ask A Spooky Cartel Enforcer

Eleanor Nacht has creatively solved a lot of problems for an international crime syndicate, and now she's solving yours! 2014.08.20S02.E07

What Fast Food Chain Would EVER Try To Bring A CLAM SANDWICH To Market?

And more not-quite-burning questions about the latest Royal Pains. 2014.08.20S06.E11

Dance Like Nicole Richie's Watching

A dancer transitioning to a new career gets a makeover and an Orange Is The New Black star tries red carpet looks in the latest episode of Tara's new favourite show. 2014.08.20S01.E06

'Are We Perhaps Learning That Jamie Is A Touch Dramatic?'

As the Married At First Sight couples expose their new spouses to their old family and friends, Tara Ariano and Brian Rubenstein discuss how sincere everyone's motives are (and whether Jamie REALLY hails from 'Povertyville'). 2014.08.19S01.E07

Out Of The Dome And Into Some Kind Of Conspiracy Apparently?

Barbie's efforts to penetrate the Dome with messages for Julia lead him to uncomfortable suspicions about his father, and his father's designs on Barbie's old friend Egg. 2014.08.19S02.E08

Sisterhood Of The Unraveling Bints

The editors wonder how much of the Calumet Inn episode of Hotel Hell is fake...because those slack jaws looked real to us. 2014.08.19S02.E05

Dr. Masters Learns There Is Such A Thing As Bad Publicity

While Bill tries to do an end-run around Hendricks with a puff piece in a newspaper, Virginia and Lillian's friendship is tested again, and Betty and Helen's gets more complicated. 2014.08.17S02.E06

Battle Of The Hospital-Integrating Doctors

One's a white doctor at a black institution. The other is a black doctor at a white institution. Which is doing it better? 2014.08.16S01.E02

Many (Genetically Identical) Hands Make Light Work (Of Fixing A Couple Of Universes)

The Marathon Diarist reaches the beginning of what is apparently the last good season of Fringe. 2014.08.15

Battle Of The Tobiases Menzies

This week's TV gave the viewer three flavours of Tobias Menzies to compare and contrast. Which one is the true prince among Menzies? 2014.08.14S01.E03

'What Are You Playing With?' 'A Stick.'

The Whitacres are self-described nomads who wonder if living out of a car and being allowed one toy each is going to turn their kids into hoarders later in life. Hmmm, MAYBE?! But let's let them speak for themselves. 2014.08.14S01.E02

Won't Someone Think Of How There Are Too Many Children?!

As Utopia wraps up its second season, Tara thinks this shadowy cabal of would-be genociders has some good ideas. 2014.08.14S01.E06

Chasing Life's Marrowing Tale Draws To A (Midseason) Close

How well has Chasing Life earned its emotional cliffhanger? 2014.08.12S01.E10

Did Vaughn Get Married At First Sight To Lock In A Live-In Cook?

And other not-quite-burning questions sparked by this week's Married At First Sight. 2014.08.12S01.E06

Spelunking The Dome

Convinced that Junior won't believe Sam's (a) dead and (b) Angie's murderer unless he sees the body, Barbie tries to get to the floor of the chasm to retrieve it. Sure, why not. 2014.08.12S02.E07