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Writer, editor, and snack enthusiast Tara Ariano co-founded TelevisionWithoutPity.com and Fametracker.com before co-founding the site you're reading right now. She's also contributed to New York, The New York Times Magazine, The Awl, Slate, and Grantland, among many others. She lives in Los Angeles.

Chester's Mill Gets Psyched For De-Dome-ing Eve!

With the Dome coming down 'tomorrow,' it's time to thin the herd so those crowd scenes don't get too expensive in the series finale. In other words: in this penultimate episode, a bunch of people die. 2015.09.04S03.E12

EHG Mini: Positive Change

Righting TV's wrongest wrongs. 2015.09.04

EHG Mini: Love Connections

Matchmaking TV lonelyhearts. 2015.09.03

Again With This: Toughest Job I Ever Had

Brandon and his integrity are put to the test when he can't stop himself getting into other people's affairs (literally). 2015.09.03S02.E02

Brandon Gets His Boxers In A Wad

A pretty neat trick, considering we don't think he's wearing any in the visual aids for Beverly Hills, 90210 S02E02, 'The Party Fish'! 2015.09.03S02.E02

Will Catfish Give Brittany A Shot At Love With Marine Sniper Bryon?

Single mother Brittany has fallen for a troubled ex-Marine she met online...but has she actually fallen for a bunch of BS? 2015.09.02

Watch The 'Super-Sized' Opening Credits Sequence For Scream Queens

Featuring all the young people whose names talk shows will soon want you to learn! 2015.09.02

Honest Captions For The Participants In ABC's New 'TGIT' Promo

The network may have framed its multiseries Shondaland ad as a fun, red wine-fueled party. Its characters might have had different takes. 2015.09.02

Cheryl Burke Fails To Dance Her Way Into America's Hearts In Her Hollywood Game Night Debut

It may seem unfair for a team without a professional dancer to face off against one with a professional dancer in a dancing challenge. Then it's not. 2015.09.02S03.E09

EHG Mini: Poo-Flinging Monkey

Doing our doodie duty. 2015.09.02

Show & Yell: That Choke Isn't Funny Anymore

So-so players somehow get worse over the course of an hour; Tara and guest commentator Adam Grosswirth discuss! 2015.09.01S03.E09

Playing House Reminds Us That 'It's Too Bad You Can't Come!' Isn't Actually An Invitation

Rabbi Dan learns a tough lesson about the sanctity of a girl's weekend. 2015.09.01S02.E06

Mix Some Old Fashioneds For Drunk History

Your favourite inebriated storytellers are back! 2015.09.01S03.E01

Watch A Preview Clip From Gotham's Season 2 Premiere

Aw, the birth of a beautiful friendship, right before our eyes! 2015.09.01S02.E01

CBS Cancels Under The Dome

Better late than even later! 2015.09.01S03.E13

EHG 85: Coming Home To Playing House

Nick Rheinwald-Jones joins us to talk about one of summer's most delightful sitcoms. 2015.09.01

President Obama Will Appear On Running Wild With Bear Grylls

Probably not in a tie, but then again, who's to say? 2015.08.31

Watch A Trailer For The Final Season Of Downton Abbey

Brace for heartbreaking musical accompaniment! 2015.08.31