Tara Ariano

Writer, editor, and snack enthusiast Tara Ariano co-founded TelevisionWithoutPity.com and Fametracker.com before co-founding the site you're reading right now. She's also contributed to New York, The New York Times Magazine, The Awl, Slate, and Grantland, among many others. She lives in Los Angeles.

Watch A Trailer For The Final Season Of Parks & Recreation

Remember how it's set two years in the future? Well...hmmmmm. 2014.12.17

Shouldn't All Men Try Picking Up Women Using Techniques Recommended By Jon Hamm?

Tara is not a crackpot for thinking that, techno-ethics aside, Black Mirror's PUA is...not really that gross? 2014.12.17

'My Notes: "Get Rid Of The Nails. You're In Or You're Out."'

The discernment period ends for the women of The Sisterhood, and your editors discuss their meaningful spiritual journey for the last time. 2014.12.17S01.E05

This Plan Stinks

The Foley girls go to idiotic lengths to get back at a bully, thanks to their new dirtbag uncle. 2014.12.16S01.E06

What Does Rogelio Need An Acting Award For When He's Already Won Our Hearts?

On the eve of the Palomas -- the highest honour in telenovelas -- Rogelio finds time to honour Xo. 2014.12.16S01.E09

Hidden Gems Of The No-No List

A stakeout forces Jake and Boyle to admit that each has habits that annoy the other. And write a list of them on the wall, which we've saved for posterity. 2014.12.15S02.E11

All Helen Breaks Loose

Alison and Noah think they know how to weasel out of their marriages. Helen corrects one of them. 2014.12.14S01.E09

Signifying Nothing

Time to say goodbye to everyone at ACN. We shall not look upon their like again -- or, at least, we'd better not. 2014.12.14S03.E06

Know When To Fold Them, And Put Them In A Drawer With A Potpourri Sachet

A gambling premise has the designers rolling dice to determine the event they'll be designing for and the fabric they'll have to use. Tara ranks the looks from first to worst. 2014.12.12S04.E06

Have Yourself A Pantsless Little Christmas

Frankie opts out of holiday cheer, and Tara's never felt closer to her. 2014.12.11S06.E09