Tara Ariano

Writer, editor, and snack enthusiast Tara Ariano co-founded TelevisionWithoutPity.com and Fametracker.com before co-founding the site you're reading right now. She's also contributed to New York, The New York Times Magazine, The Awl, Slate, and Grantland, among many others. She lives in Los Angeles.

BREAKING: Amber Met A Basset Hound!

And some dude, but whatever. BASSET. 2014.10.24S06.E05

It Was A Therapeutic Smash

If there's a better way to deal with childhood trauma than destroying a bunch of props with a baseball bat, Couples Therapy has never heard of it. 2014.10.23S05.E07

'Women Like Dainty Little Wee TVs, Not Icky Big Ones.' - Marry Me

'No, but why can't we get a TV as big as the wall?' - Tara. 2014.10.22S01.E02

'Remember The Time You Ruined My QuinceaƱera With Your "Milkshake" Cover, MOM?'

The latest Jane The Virgin makes a case for maybe renaming the show Xiomara The Selfless Superheroine. 2014.10.20S01.E02

How Does Elsbeth Tascioni Win So Many Cases?

Zoning out and letting a hallucination of a marimba player lead her to insight, of course! But will she let Alicia's distracting kitten derail her in the courtroom? 2014.10.20S06.E05

Will Maura Tierney's Likability Ruin The Affair?

A beloved actor is a so-far-unwitting victim of The Affair, which is a problem since she's CLEARLY better than either of the jerks Affairing. 2014.10.19S01.E02

Bitter Pills

The first season of The Knick features lots of doctoring, but very few actual cures. 2014.10.17S01.E10

Everyone Knows Zeek Isn't Actually Dying, Right?

While some Bravermans freak out about Zeek not feeling like taking a walk since his open-heart surgery five minutes ago, others are intrigued by glamorous new Academy students. 2014.10.17S06.E04

Jenna's Back In Her Serious Glasses For A Serious Disclosure

While Jenna shares with Dr. Jenn the horrific details of her past, Nikki and Juan Pablo are somehow still fighting about how he won't say 'I love you' even though, at this point, would you? 2014.10.16S05.E06

About A Boy Thinks Tricking A Woman Into Pregnancy Is Cute

Maybe someday TV characters will handle the subject of vasectomies. But not this week! 2014.10.14S02.E01

Sarah Invites Maura Into Girl World

A ladies' brunch date reveals terrifying new terrain for Maura. Fortunately, Sarah is a sure-footed guide. 2014.10.14S01.E04

Should You Pledge Your Troth To Marry Me?

Casey Wilson and Ken Marino like each other and are in a relationship. That's it -- but is it enough? 2014.10.14

Should You Let Jane The Virgin Sully Your DVR?

The CW's telenovela remake about a not-quite-immaculate conception takes big risks, but do they pay off? 2014.10.13

Alicia Learns, Apparently For The Very First Time, That Politics Is A Dirty Business

...Has she just been sleepwalking for the past five years? 2014.10.13

Can We Get A Face Off Challenge Showing How A Makeup Artist Could Make Clive Owen Look So Terrible?

And other not-quite-burning questions to carry us into the season finale. 2014.10.10S01.E09

Parenthood Extracts Your Tears With Surgical Precision

As Zeek goes under the knife, Ruby forces Hank to acknowledge her existence. 2014.10.10S06.E03

Should You Sneak Out To Fool Around With The Affair?

Dominic West returns to TV, but this time as a devoted family man! Just kidding. 2014.10.10S01.E01

What Will Happen When Bill Hader Hosts Saturday Night Live?

Setting the over-under for alumni cameos at 9. 2014.10.10S40.E03