Tara Ariano

Writer, editor, and snack enthusiast Tara Ariano co-founded TelevisionWithoutPity.com and Fametracker.com before co-founding the site you're reading right now. She's also contributed to New York, The New York Times Magazine, The Awl, Slate, and Grantland, among many others. She lives in Los Angeles.

Should You Hang Out With Weird Loners?

Four misfits find each other in adjoining townhouses in Queens; are they too weird for you to make Friends with? 2015.03.31S01.E01

Alicia's Victory Party Is Definitely Over

Cook County's new SA gets about ten seconds of celebration before the job starts to suck. 2015.03.30S06.E17

Ian Goes Back To Basics On The Base

It's good that he's finally willing to accept help. But couldn't he be a little more selective about whom he's willing to take it from? 2015.03.29S05.E11

You're Going To Want To Clear Your Schedule For Going Clear

HBO's Scientology exposé isn't quite a religious experience, but it's pretty great. 2015.03.29

What Will Happen When Dwayne Johnson/The Rock Hosts Saturday Night Live (this time)?

Other than that he'll charm the pants off everyone watching, obviously. 2015.03.27S40.E16

Mother, May I Slap With Danger?

The Slap serves up an episode focused on the only character that matters, and it actually doesn't disappoint. 2015.03.27S01.E07

Face Off Kids Around With Some Imaginary Friends

The facetestants each team up with a kid to bring children's fantasy pals to life. 2015.03.26S08.E11

Will Chitara Find Her Thrill With Priscilla?

Chitara's online girlfriend dumped her ass, and even though they never met, she's desperate enough for closure to go on this show to track her down. 2015.03.26S04.E05

Be A Private Detective, Or Just Look Like One

For Dick Week, we've assembled the ultimate private detective outfit with the help of some of TV's greatest dicks. 2015.03.26

'Hello, You've Reached Unlucky Old Lady Inc.!'

The mail robot probably would have tried harder to avoid getting the crap kicked out of it by Gaad if it knew it would be sent to a facility where a sweet senior citizen would interrupt a couple of spies. 2015.03.25S03.E09

Justified Starts Mapping Out The Path To The Finale

And some detours are REALLY unexpected. 2015.03.24S06.E10

A Rich Dick Gets One Last Outing In Kroll Show's Series Finale

And Wendy's 'bris mitzvah' is bound to be a lot of farn. 2015.03.24S03.E11

We've Come To Bury Rags To Riches (In A Bomb Shelter), Not Praise It

Our time with the Foleys ends with them confronting nuclear paranoia -- making the episode even more tone-deaf than usual. 2015.03.24S02.E12

Howard Hamlin Can Even Dick Over A Subordinate In Silence

Well, Jimmy can hear him. But this great moment from the latest Better Call Saul proves Patrick Fabian's dick chops without any audible dialogue. 2015.03.24S01.E08

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Vote

Will Alicia's dreams of State's Attorneyhood get scuttled by Peter's subtle sabotage? Or are those maybe not even actually her dreams at all? 2015.03.23S06.E16

Ian And Mickey Star In Their Own Sequel To Punch-Drunk Love

Our young lovers' passions get violently inflamed, and Sammi gets even more awful. 2015.03.22S05.E10

Physician, Slap Thyself

Focusing on Aisha shows us that maybe she shouldn't actually be that judgmental about her in-laws. Or about anyone, really. 2015.03.20S01.E06

Has Daisy Plucked An American Beauty Or A Weed?

This dude Marcus can't even send Daisy new selfies after she bought him a four-figure CAMERA?! Highly suspect! 2015.03.19S04.E04