Tara Ariano

Writer, editor, and snack enthusiast Tara Ariano co-founded TelevisionWithoutPity.com and Fametracker.com before co-founding the site you're reading right now. She's also contributed to New York, The New York Times Magazine, The Awl, Slate, and Grantland, among many others. She lives in Los Angeles.

Do Noah And Alison Even Like Each Other?

And other not-quite-burning questions about the latest episode of The Affair. 2014.11.23S01.E07

Rogen: Hero

Seeing Red's fake Paulie G. is a lot nicer to Valerie (and in general) than the real one, but then, he is Canadian. 2014.11.23S02.E03

'The New Confident Maggie' Is A Video Engineer Now

And that's just one of many aspects of the latest episode of The Newsroom that's kind of hard to believe. 2014.11.23S03.E03

'Those Sleeves Were Like Two Extra Boobs. That Were Real Droopy.'

A confused brief -- Zales sponsors a challenge inspired by the designers' own love lives? -- yields some interesting looks, and a righteous boot. Your editors discuss! 2014.11.21S04.E04

What Will Happen When Cameron Diaz Hosts Saturday Night Live (this time)?

Her Justin Timberlake walk-on years are probably behind her...or are they? 2014.11.21S40.E07

The Return Of Mr. Cyr Is Parenthood's Early Christmas Present

Or it would be, if Sarah hadn't driven him away two seasons ago. 2014.11.21S06.E09

It's Only Natural

When Dre's mother comes for a visit, Diane's scalp is but one battleground. Fortunately, everyone's looking cute. 2014.11.20S01.E08

Hugh Laurie Is Coming To Veep

Permission to scream 'BRAVO!!!' at an annoyingly loud volume? 2014.11.20

Luther Gets A Series 4 Order From The BBC

So: the real one is coming back. 2014.11.20

Cecily Strong Leapfrogs SNL's Fake News Team To Host The Nation's Biggest News/Comedy Event

Tara's not a crackpot. She just thinks Cecily Strong's White House Correspondents' Dinner gig is a bad omen for Weekend Update's Jost/Che era. 2014.11.19

Laundry Technology Makes New Girl's Snob And Slob Switch Places

When Schmidt admits he can't do laundry, who will show him how? THE ANSWER MAY SURPRISE YOU. 2014.11.19S04.E08

Battle Of The Developer/Diner Disputes

Beverly Hills 90210 and Rags To Riches both did episodes in which plucky teens fight evil builders to save their beloved diners. Which did it better? 2014.11.18S01.E02

As Retirement Looms, Stephen Colbert Reconsiders His Enemies List

Maybe the creatures known as 'godless killing machines' aren't as killy or godless as Stephen has always thought. 2014.11.18

Adding A Father To Jane's Family Apparently Means Adding His Crappy Ex-Stepdaughters, Too

But where do Victoria and Valeria land on our countdown of Jane's antagonists this week? 2014.11.17S01.E06

All The Single Detectives, Put Your Hands Up!

Thanks to Boyle, you'll never try to get through another quarantine without mounting a talent show. 2014.11.17S02.E07

Shoebox Greetings

Prady gives Alicia a shoebox full of Castro's oppo research on her, which has ripple effects on lots of people's...um, affairs. 2014.11.17S06.E09

How Seriously Should You Take The Threat Posed By State Of Affairs?

Katherine Heigl has a new national-security drama, but it's possible that you should ignore it just like you've ignored so many of her movies. 2014.11.17S01.E01

The Affair Should Just Throw Martin In The Garbage Already

Tara's not a crackpot: she just thinks maybe getting all exercised about Martin's safety isn't a good use of anyone's energy. 2014.11.16S01.E06