Tara Ariano

Writer, editor, and snack enthusiast Tara Ariano co-founded TelevisionWithoutPity.com and Fametracker.com before co-founding the site you're reading right now. She's also contributed to New York, The New York Times Magazine, The Awl, Slate, and Grantland, among many others. She lives in Los Angeles.

What Happens When Whitney Pulls Max And Nev Into Her Orbitz?

A lady in Brooklyn has an online girlfriend in Los Angeles, and each is too broke to visit the other. Plus also they've never videochatted or whatever because that's the kind of thing that would get them on the show...right? 2015.04.16S04.E08

Beard And Loathing

The mujahideen arrive in D.C., and quickly end up putty in our illegals' hands. 2015.04.15S03.E12

Makeup Today, Megaselling Licensed Action Figures Tomorrow?

Season 8's final challenge finds the facetestants designing teams of characters and coming up with the movies they'll star in. Who's camera-ready? 2015.04.15S08.E14

Does Anyone Get Out Of Harlan Alive?

Justified ends its manhunt, and its run, with a few final surprises and some very satisfying departures. 2015.04.14S06.E13

Make Your Mark On New York And You Are A Made Man

VH1 mainstay New York gives us an eyeful of her physical imperfections in the second-season premiere of Botched. 2015.04.14S02.E01

Should You Pay The Dowry For Arranged?

fyi's new reality show follows more people who've let other people pick their spouses for them. Is it worth RSVP-ing yes? 2015.04.14S01.E01

Rogelio's Past Mistakes Threaten His Extraordinary Future

A visit from Rogelio's beloved mother dredges up some really old business. 2015.04.14S01.E18

Chicago's Dirty Politics Shocks Alicia...Again? Somehow?

Alicia is forced to defend her election victory against charges of voting-machine fraud committed on her behalf, with the help of Ron Rifkin's hot shot lawyer Spencer Randolph. Let's hope he's less evil here than he was with another cute TV brunette a few years back. 2015.04.13S06.E19

Rage About Your Crappy Baby Shower All You Want, But Do NOT Joke About Rayna's Hair!

When Rayna ditches her shower-hostessing duties to deal with one of her other artists' having KILLED A GUY, Juliette's reaction is...suboptimal. 2015.04.09S03.E17

Should You Pay The Cover For The Comedians?

Josh Gad and Billy Crystal star in FX's new odd couple/celebrities-playing-'themselves' mockumentary. Should you stand up...and leave the room? 2015.04.09S01.E01

Elizabeth's New Persona: Keyboard Kitten

No time to babysit Paige and her Terrible New Knowledge: Elizabeth's got a hotel's reservation system to compromise...sexfully! 2015.04.08S03.E11

A Steaming Pile Of Punk

You can see how excited the facetestants about their penultimate challenge: putting a steampunk cyborg twist on stock Western characters (or maybe they're just grossed out by Glenn). Unfortunately, their lack of inspiration shows on the Reveal Stage. 2015.04.08S08.E13

Raylan Heads For The Hills, Along With Everyone Else

Outlaws and lawmen chase each other through the hills in Justified's bloody penultimate episode. 2015.04.07S06.E12

Watch An Exclusive Clip From Sunday's Season Premiere Of Veep

Someone went through hell to bring it to you. 2015.04.07S04.E01

The Return Of Slippin' Jimmy

Jimmy's return to Chicago reminds him how much he loves making a dollar out of fifty cents. 2015.04.07S01.E10

Michael: Rogelio's New Brogelio

Jane's dad and Jane's ex have really hit it off since Rogelio's ride-along, and their friendship is a beautiful thing. 2015.04.07S01.E17

A Chat With Jaime Camil Is The Next Best Thing To A Hug From Rogelio

We talked to the breakout star of Jane The Virgin, and mostly didn't fawn. 2015.04.06