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Writer, editor, and snack enthusiast Tara Ariano co-founded TelevisionWithoutPity.com and Fametracker.com before co-founding the site you're reading right now. She's also contributed to New York, The New York Times Magazine, The Awl, Slate, and Grantland, among many others. She lives in Los Angeles.

Author: Tara Ariano

Apr 20, 2014

The Amazing Race Lets Its All-Stars Play With Some Asses

Some ride donkeys. Others build donkey toys. Tara tries very hard to resist making 5000 'ass' jokes.
Apr 20, 2014

None Of The Devious Maids Is Sneakier Than One Character's Hairpiece

Reconstructing the thinking behind a wig so shocking we couldn't put it on the homepage!
Apr 20, 2014

May We All Be So Fortunate As To Be Bereaved Around Nuns

When tragedy comes to the East End, the community of women pulls together to get through it. As usual, it's beautiful to see.
Apr 18, 2014

Josh Homme Is A Queen Of The Stone Age, But Not Much Of A Queen

The real question is, how Portlandy are he and the rest of the episode's celebrity guest stars?
Apr 18, 2014

Ron's Worst Nightmare Turns Beautiful Dream Come True

Ron finds love in a hopeless place (a public elementary school).
Apr 18, 2014

Scandal Never Kills The People You Want It To

And the Season 3 finale is no exception!
Apr 18, 2014

In Which The Best Mix Of Fun Games Ever Is Wasted On Jaime Pressly

One consolation: it's pretty clear that her teammate, episode MVP Zachary Levi, hates her guts.
Apr 17, 2014

Rejected Slogans For The Next Season Of The Bachelorette

ABC went with 'She's Looking For The Right Juan One.' But there were other possibilities.