Tamar Fox

Tamar Fox is a writer and editor based in Philadelphia. Her children's book, No Baths At Camp, was published by Kar-Ben in 2013. She once got into a Twitter fight with a porn star about Schindler's List (it ended in a draw).

Ask Frasier's Live-In Housekeeper/ Physical Therapist/ Psychic

Want to break into housekeeping? Need your employer to stop making fat jokes? Daphne can help! 2016.07.06

What's Falling Apart In S04.E09 Of Orange Is The New Black? We Made A List!

Everything's going to shit. Let's rank the crises. 2016.06.22S04.E09

Should You Tune In For The Roots Reboot?

Spoiler: slavery is still terrible. 2016.05.27


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