Stephanie Lucianovic

Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she writes about food, pop culture, and parenting. She's also a lapsed cheesemonger and former picky eater who sincerely apologizes for bringing the word 'cheftestant' into the world. She once wrote a book and now contributes to, The New York Times, The Hairpin, Avidly, and The Washington Post.

10 Ways We Could (And SHOULD) Have A Gilmore Girls/Supernatural Crossover Event

Stephanie Lucianovic does the work of two TV shows' writing staffs. You're welcome. 2015.10.30

Lorelai Forces Luke To Stage A Fashion Show At His Lunch Counter In Front Of All His Customers, Who Lose Their Appetites Over Lorelai Adjusting Luke's Fit In Public

And other things you might have missed while blinded with a potent mixture of love and hate as you watch the first season of Gilmore Girls for the millionth time. 2015.08.28

The CW's Little Women Is Just Like Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, Except...Not

Little Women is about to get gritty and dystopic for The CW. Why wouldn't it? 2015.07.30

Having Your Cake and Mooning It Too

Blame the Children's Television Workshop for the fact that people in Brooklyn are smashing cakes with their bare asses in the name of art. 2014.04.04

Psych, Out

Stephanie types through her tears at Psych's ending to bring you a mere handful of her favorite episodes of all time. 2014.03.26S08.E10

The Season Squee Finale

In Sherlock's final episode of the season, Sherlock goes through rather more physical trauma than usual. Also: Redbeard revealed! 2014.02.02S03.E03

A Nice Day For A Watson Wedding

Sherlock doesn't let a little thing like murder mar John and Mary's big day. Well, not much, anyway. 2014.01.26S03.E02

Long Live Sherlock Holmes!

After two years of playing dead, Sherlock's getting the gang back together in order to foil an underground terrorist network intent on wreaking havoc on London. 2014.01.19S03.E01

Sherlock Gives Good Hand

Last season on Sherlock, ' A Scandal In Belgravia' finally gave 'shippers a world in which Sherlock falls in love. 2014.01.17S02.E01

Twelve Imaginary Downton Abbey Drinks More Interesting Than The Actual Downton Abbey Wine

The Downton Abbey wine is out and it's really kind of boring. On the eve of the show's return, Stephanie Lucianovic tells us what she would have done with the libations idea if anyone had thought to ask her thirsty opinion. 2014.01.03

Shawn And The Amazing Technicolor DreamGus

Psych's musical isn't going to Broadway, but that's not why Stephanie's watching. 2013.12.13

The Manor To Which We've Become Accustomed

To The Manor Born, the ultimate Must-Sleep TV series, deserves placement on a legitimate streaming site. 2013.07.18

Juliet Is The Sun

So why does the show need a near-duplicate of Maggie Lawson's Juliet O'Hara in Mira Sorvino's Betsy Brannigan? 2013.07.16

Must-Sleep TV

Maximize TV's effectiveness as a sleep aid with these key tips from our insomniac correspondent. 2013.07.08

The Butterfield 8

Special Agent Ron Butterfield of The West Wing, take a bow. 2013.07.02

It's Time To Declassify Jake 2.0

Don't hide Christopher Gorham's geeky hotness under a barrel. Or in the basement of the Pentagon. 2013.06.04

Grover Monster: Master Manipulator

An adult watching Sesame Street develops a new perspective on the memorably bad waiter -- or is he??? 2013.05.15


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