Stephanie Cangro

Stephanie Cangro is a native New Yorker and freelance writer, forever plotting an escape to Paris. She can usually be found mainlining caffeine, overanalyzing pop culture, and defending the Oxford comma to anyone willing to listen.

Recycling Neverland

Just like a red carpet, this episode is all flash and no substance. 2015.12.18S01.E05

Transparent Goes Inside A Sex Circus In S02.E08

Don't you hate it when you're at the Institute of Sex Research and your mom comes to pick you up? 2015.12.17S02.E08

The Voice Ends With One Winner, Three Losers, And A Little Misdemeanor

The Voice crowns its ninth champion; Missy Elliott reminds us what genius looks like. 2015.12.16S09.E28

Festivity And Finality

In which The Voice's finals ruin 'Blue Christmas' for all of us. 2015.12.15S09.E26

Bombs Away

We don't get answers just because the ABC promo department promises answers on Quantico. 2015.12.14S01.E11

Project Runway: Junior Dresses Girls On The Go

And the First Lady stops by! ...Sort of! 2015.12.11S01.E04

The Voice Presents The Final Four

America: you're really bad at voting. 2015.12.09S09.E25

The Voice Serves Up Semi-Live Finalists

It's a night for mic drops as the Top 9 try to earn their spots in the Finals. 2015.12.08S09.E24

Miranda's Methods Are Messy On Quantico

Simon comes clean and declares himself Not It while boss lady bosses Alex into making a bad decision. 2015.12.07S01.E10

Girl Meets Midnight

In which Farkle ruins New Year's Eve. 2015.12.05S02.E25

Project Runway: Junior Decodes Decades

The kids join forces on teams and annoy each other with their fabric choices. 2015.12.04S01.E03

On The Voice, The Band Plays On

And sometimes the pressure is just too much. 2015.12.02S09.E23

Gwen, Madi, And Girl Power

Because when life hands you 77 cents on the dollar and Adam Levine in a cheap suit, you fight back through music. 2015.12.01S09.E22

Interrogating Alex

Caleb jumps over to Team Alex, Liam jumps down a bottle, and Booth gets beat up again. 2015.11.30S01.E09

Is Jessica Jones, In Fact, A Piece Of Shit?

And more not-quite-burning questions sparked by S01E06 of Jessica Jones! 2015.11.25S01.E06

Top Ten Time

Pharrell finds his sass, Korin finds more of Gwen's wardrobe, but Carson still hasn't found a razor on The Voice. 2015.11.25

Singers Sing, Coaches Cry

It's cute how Blake thinks he's being coy with his #TeamGwen support. 2015.11.24S09.E20

EHG Mini: Last Ditch Effort

TV shows that need Hail Mary passes. 2015.11.23

EHG Mini: Related People You Might Like

Exploring TV characters' family trees. 2015.11.20

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