Sarah D. Bunting

Enemy of the raisin Sarah D. Bunting is the editor-in-chief and publisher of Tomato Nation, Revolting Snacks of America: A Field Guide, and true-crime blog The Blotter. She also co-founded Television Without Pity, and her work has appeared in Glamour and New York, and on MSNBC, NPR's Monkey See blog, Tech Hive,, IndieWire, and Yahoo!. As required by law of creative-writing majors, she lives in Brooklyn.

Below Deck Should Go Back To Being A F***ing Hair Model

As Trevor continues to Trevor, a 12-course tasting menu pushes other Below Dicks to their breaking point. 2016.09.28S04.E04

Is This The Profit Deal Going To End Up In The Crapper?

And other not-quite-burning questions about Marcus Lemonis's attempt to turn a high-end cleaning-products company around. 2016.09.27S04.E06

Brad Pitt And His Mullet In A Very Special Ep Of 21 Jump Street

What's worse -- that that mullet might be a wig? Or that it might NOT be? 2016.09.27S02.E20

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Support A Two-Party System

And the more fights at each one, the better, as a trip to Vermont throws various fragile peaces under the bus. 2016.09.26S07.E11

Pamela Adlon Played A Teen Psychic On 21 Jump Street

Come for the overwritten histrionics, stay for Depp's costume. 2016.09.26S04.E06

Donna's Love Life Is Still Tough To Watch In The Latest Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids

We've collected all the most important imagery of 'Who's Zoomin' Who?' 2016.09.26S05.E07

Again With This: The Truth Is? Dylan's Broke

Val comes up with a pretty diabolical revenge plan...but still lets it splash back onto herself. 2016.09.26S05.E07

If You Only Have Room For One Trashy Network Thriller In Your Autumn Viewing Schedule, Make It Secrets & Lies

And if you don't have room for any, consider revising your stance, because ABC's gilded-garbage whodunnit is the campiest fun of the season. 2016.09.25S02.E01

Peter Scolari Cracks Tom Hanks Up On Bosom Buddies

Which is, let's face it, funnier than anything the show tried to do on purpose. 2016.09.23

The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Can Compete With 'Sort Of'

Val and Dylan play night games and everyone loses. Brandon saves the world again. Ray...does this. 2016.09.23S05.E06

Again With This: And Who Do You Think Was Standing In Front Of The Tanks In Tiananmen Square, Mom?

Great, now Brandon's taking a stand on human rights. ...Eventually. 2016.09.23S05.E06

Project Runway Throws A JustFab Challenge: Does It Live Up To Its Name, Or End Up JustDrab?

One designer gets the chance to have a look sold at an online retailer that happens to be a sponsor. Your editors discuss! 2016.09.22S15.E03

Should You Take A Swing At Pitch?

The first woman player in Major League Baseball takes the mound at FOX; is it a hit? 2016.09.22S01.E01

Regina King Went On Family Feud As Her 227 Character, Brenda

Second prize is TWO pairs of those shoulderpads! ...Sorry: two MORE pairs besides the two she's already wearing! Oh, eighties. 2016.09.22

Mr. Robot Did What Needed To Be Done

Did it rely on English majors to do the rest? Sarah D. Bunting de-versifies the season finale. 2016.09.22S02.E12

Law & Order: SVU Weighs The Rights Of The Many

A ripped-from-the-headlines shooting sees Liv taking the needs of the few personally. 2016.09.21S18.E01

Sarah Paulson Made An Unlikely-Buddy TV Movie With Jack Lemmon

Welcome to the dark period between American Gothic and Jack & Jill. 2016.09.21

Below Deck Is Not Gonna Deplete Your Knowledge

Trevor still sucks, a poodle blows chunks, and we all hate it when Mom and Dad fight. 2016.09.20S04.E03

Should Marcus Lemonis Keep On Trucking With Honest Foods On The Profit?

Or is the bellyaching of this catering company's owner more trouble than it's worth? 2016.09.20S04.E05


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