Sarah D. Bunting

Enemy of the raisin Sarah D. Bunting is the editor-in-chief and publisher of Tomato Nation, Revolting Snacks of America: A Field Guide, and true-crime blog The Blotter. She also co-founded Television Without Pity, and her work has appeared in Glamour and New York, and on MSNBC, NPR's Monkey See blog, Tech Hive,, IndieWire, and Yahoo!. As required by law of creative-writing majors, she lives in Brooklyn.

Welp, Looks Like Kelley's All Up To Date On Below Deck

Ben's date with Emily, that is...but KJ's not the only one SOL on this week's episode. Who's the biggest Deck poop? 2016.10.26S04.E08

How Many Versions Of Norman Lear: Just Another Version Of You Is Too Many?

Did American Masters bite off more than it could chew with this titan of the sitcom? 2016.10.25S28.E07

Keith Hernandez And Mookie Wilson Worked The Count On Sesame Street

And if you think THAT pun is bad, wait until the show gets into the act with the bat jokes. 2016.10.25S19.E70

Don Drysdale Talked Greg Out Of Pro Ball On The Brady Bunch

Possibly so he wouldn't take Eddie Gaedel's gig. 2016.10.24S02.E01

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Strike A Tre(e) Pose

But is Team Giudice nama-stuck at the bottom of our RHONJ power rankings? 2016.10.24S07.E15

Will This Be Alex's Last Stand Against Brandon On Beverly Hills, 90210?!

All the most important visuals from 'Rock Of Ages.' (You already know what the Rolling Stones look like.) 2016.10.24S05.E12

Again With This: Why Don't They Just Rule Against Me And Get This Thing Over With?

Also: talk of the Rolling Stones is on everyone's...lips. (Sorry.) 2016.10.24S05.E12

Go Home, Project Runway Sponcon Cocktail Dress Challenge, You're Drunk

A product-placed vodka brand is the 'inspiration' for this week's looks. Who belongs in recovery? Your editors discuss! 2016.10.20S15.E07

Kathryn Erbe Had A Role On Jackie Mason's Doomed Sitcom, Chicken Soup

That the water closed over this one like a stone is for the best -- but that skirt is pretty cute? 2016.10.20

Frequency's Credibility Is A Bloody Mess

If you want the audience to buy the big crazy thing at the center of your story, you can't screw up the small stuff. 2016.10.19S01.E03

Jerry Lewis Had A Recurring Role On Wiseguy

And it does not make the overall experience of his IMDb page any more coherent. 2016.10.19

Below Deck Is In A Valentine's Daze

Proposals, PDA, and pining mark a pokey episode -- but who's the biggest Below Dick this week? 2016.10.19S04.E07

In Which Marcus Lemonis Redefines The Term 'Hackathon' On The Profit

Bowery Kitchen Supplies needs to make some cuts. Which one's the unkindest of all? 2016.10.18S04.E09

HBO's First Comedy Special Back In The '70s Featured Jay Leno

On Location: Freddie Prinze And Friends also showcased Elayne Boosler and some weird prop comedy. 2016.10.18

POV Examines The Cost Of Standing Up For Victims In Hooligan Sparrow

Chinese activists seek justice for schoolgirls abused by their principal, then wonder if there's any for themselves. 2016.10.17S29.E10

Should You Take A Chance On Hugh Laurie's New Hulu Joint?

It's more Vertigo and Bosch than House...but is that a good thing? 2016.10.17S01.E01

(Viewing) Public Enemy No. 1 FINALLY Goes Away On The Real Housewives Of New Jersey

But at least Milania's priorities are in whack for our RHONJ power rankings. 2016.10.17S07.E14

The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids Know How Distressing This Must Be For You

El Braysidente refuses to take a stand on a controversial campus speaker...or his own farcical coif. We have no such compunction. 2016.10.17S05.E11


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