Sarah D. Bunting

Enemy of the raisin Sarah D. Bunting is the editor-in-chief and publisher of Tomato Nation, Revolting Snacks of America: A Field Guide, and true-crime blog The Blotter. She also co-founded Television Without Pity, and her work has appeared in Glamour and New York, and on MSNBC, NPR's Monkey See blog, Tech Hive,, IndieWire, and Yahoo!. As required by law of creative-writing majors, she lives in Brooklyn.

Is Project Runway's First Team Challenge Of The Season More Than The Sum Of Its Parts?

Season 15's first not-so-superhero team-up includes a preview of Fashion Startup, with teams pitching their collections for judges' cash bids. Does mo' money result in mo' design problems? 2016.10.13S15.E06

Hey Pitch, You're An All-Star, Get Your Game On

...Not like that; more realistically. And could you throw out the Dramastical Issues O' Baseballing checklist, 'cause it's kinda obvious. 2016.10.13S01.E04

Law & Order: SVU Raises The Bar On The Suzy Favor Hamilton Story

An Olympic pole-vaulter's adrenaline cravings make her a (ripped-from-the-headlines) target. Related: Kim Rollins got parole. HMMM. 2016.10.13S18.E04

Take Frequency's Wife...Please

Sarah D. Bunting is not a crackpot. She just thinks the creaky bitter-cop's-wife trope isn't one this show has time for. Or that any other show has time for. 2016.10.12S01.E02

Alas, Spock Did Not Play Marco Polo In Marco Polo

But he did play a man from a faraway land, while wearing a helmet with a built-in mullet. 2016.10.12

Captain Lee Gets Into The Mix On Below Deck

But he takes his management margarita with extra salt this week when Kelley doesn't do windows. 2016.10.12S04.E06

Is The Profit Getting Tea-Boned By A Father-Son Franchising Team?

Or do the leaves tell Marcus Lemonis to walk away? 2016.10.11S04.E08

The Golden Girls Send In The Clowns

Fashions By Zbornak finds Dorothy dating a clown while Rose and Blanche get political. 2016.10.11S05.E05

'There Are All Different Kinds Of Women': POV's From This Day Forward

A filmmaker investigates her whole family in (her father's) transition. 2016.10.10S29.E09

It's The Real Housewives Of New Jersey's Job To Feed Him Crap And Give Him Back To You

The Lauritae make a big announcement, but first, Siggy inserts herself at length into a drama to which she's irrelevant. 2016.10.10S07.E13

A Homicidal Mrs. Teasley Stalks Dylan Through His Fevered Mind In The Beverly Hills, 90210 Visual Aids

Not really, but she is one of the apparitions tormenting Dylan in his dragon-chasing haze. We've collected them all! 2016.10.10S05.E10

Again With This: He's Definitely In A Heightened Dream State

Ever wonder what Dylan's subconscious is like? Wonder no more! 2016.10.10S05.E10

Taye Diggs Looked About 13 On Guiding Light

But he rolled his eyes like a grown-up. 2016.10.07

Pitch Doesn't Throw Far Enough Inside

A beanball-war episode illustrates the fundamental problem with the show's approach to its sport. 2016.10.06S01.E03

Ray Liotta Rocked A Splendiferous Feathery 'Do On Another World

As you do on your character's late-'70s wedding day. 2016.10.06

The Man In The Mirror Is A Sleazy Pickup Artist On Law & Order: SVU

And the episode itself shows us two faces, with zippy dialogue and strong acting culminating in a cheap shocker. 2016.10.06S18.E03

Superman Couldn't Save Love Of Life

Unable to leap sinking ratings in a single bound: it's Christopher Reeve on a morning soap! 2016.10.05


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