Sarah Beckham

Sarah Beckham lives, loves and eats breakfast tacos in Austin, Texas. A former newspaper journalist, she is now a freelance writer and editor who works with a lot of nice people.

Switched At Birth Signs Off

Ranking the most (and least) satisfying moments as the Kennish-Vasquez clan says goodbye. 2017.04.11S05.E10

After This Penultimate Episode, Can We Even Handle One Final Switched At Birth?

And more important questions after an exhausting, satisfying hour. 2017.04.05S05.E09

Switched At Birth Lays Down Life Lessons

But who makes the grade as Bay, Daphne, and Toby deal with some grown-up stuff? 2017.03.29S05.E08

Who Knew Switched At Birth's Daphne Could Be Such A Great Grump?

And more questions sparked by the 100th episode! 2017.03.22

Switched At Birth Looks For That Loving Feeling

So just how much do you want to know about John's 'equipment'? 2017.03.09S05.E06

Switched At Birth Takes A Stand

Why this unusual episode ranks among the show's best. 2017.02.28S05.E05

Campus Tensions Rise On Switched At Birth

What do we want? To yell at Bess Armstrong. When do we want it? This episode. 2017.02.21S05.E04

Switched At Birth Invites You To A Wedding

No, you're the one tearing up as Toby and Lily head to the altar. 2017.02.15S05.E03

Can Switched At Birth's Daphne And Iris Get Past Mingo-Gate?

As Switched At Birth puts a friendship on the line, Sarah Beckham has questions! 2017.02.07S05.E02

Switched At Birth Returns For The Beginning Of The End

What's changed after Bay and Daphne's time in China? 2017.01.31S05.E01

How Scary Was A Pre-Halloween Elementary?

The good news is that we're not all going to die. At least probably not. 2016.10.31S05.E04

What's The Naked Truth About This Week's Elementary?

A murder at a clothing-optional retreat doesn't seem like a reason to ponder the '80s, Steve Winwood and Happy Endings. And yet.... 2016.10.24S05.E03

Does Elementary Season 5 Start With A Bang?

Sarah Beckham has some questions (including whether she can get a career consult from Jonny Lee Miller). 2016.10.03S05.E01

If Mr. Robot Needed An Office Alum, It Should Have Been Mindy Kaling -- And Here's Why

Sarah and Jeff Beckham are not crackpots. They're just a couple of romantics who think Elliot Alderson needs to meet Kelly Kapoor. 2016.08.03

Will Queen Of The South Have You Hooked?

A drug-world telenovela comes to the USA...Network. Will you get addicted? 2016.06.23S01.E01

The Real Housewives Of Dallas Reunion Misery Index

Ranking the most depressing moments so we can all move on and take, like, 500 showers. 2016.06.20S01.E11

The Real Housewives Of Dallas Throws One Last Party

Drinking? Check. Poop talk? Check. Wondering if anything actually happened this season? Check. 2016.06.14S01.E10

Is Austin Ready For The Real Housewives Of Dallas?

No. Good Lord, y'all. Take that mess home. 2016.06.07S01.E09

Dear CBS: Please Reboot These 1991 Sitcoms

Evening Shade. Designing Women. Murphy Brown. You have chills, too, right? Let's do this. 2016.05.31

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