Roger Cormier

Freelance writer Roger Cormier is composed of that magic water from Lost and liquidized cathode ray tubes. His work has appeared on Gawker, The Awl, Splitsider, Longreads, and elsewhere. He's nice enough.

Claire Underwood Is In Charge Now On House Of Cards

As Season 5 comes to a close, it becomes apparent who was running the show all along. 2017.06.06S05.E13

How Much Of A Jazz President Is Frank Underwood On House Of Cards?

And other musical questions from 'Chapter 64'! 2017.06.06S05.E12

Who's The Main Man In 'Chapter 60' Of House Of Cards?

A weekend celebrating the XY-chromosomed leads us to ask which man in the show's universe is the manliest man who ever manned. 2017.06.05S05.E08

Did We Just Meet The Person Who's Actually In Charge On House Of Cards?

Meet Jane Davis, the woman who can get you your terrorist, so long as you don't give her the wrong headache medicine. 2017.06.02S05.E07

Why Doesn't Anyone On Iron Fist Talk To The Hand?

And a fistful of more burning questions sparked by S01.E06, the episode that sets up the second half of the season. 2017.03.21S01.E06

In S01.E05, Claire Temple Finally Finally Finally Classes Up Iron Fist

When a familiar face pops up on the latest/least fun Marvel series, everything starts to look up. 2017.03.20S01.E05

Ask The Man In The High Castle's Dud Turned Stud

Frank Frink is no longer the boy that was punished for having such a silly name. He's a bomb-extractin' ladies' man now. 2016.12.20S02.E04

Fuller House Celebrates The New Year By Bringing Up Old Grudges

Danny, Jesse, and Joey finally take off their hugging and learning gloves and get real. But who drops the most devastating truth bomb in S02.E13? 2016.12.16S02.E13

Pretty Much Everybody On Fuller House Pairs Up for Christmas

Love is in the air instead of snow, so it's time to judge and rank the new and classic relationships as portrayed in S02.E12! 2016.12.16S02.E12

It Turns Out Kimmy Gibbler Is A Parent Of The Year Candidate On Fuller House

When Ramona gets cyberbullied in S02.E07, the show takes turns that, on the old show, would have been odd as hell. 2016.12.14S02.E07

Mostly Everybody On Gilmore Girls Is A Kid With Grown-Up Clothes And Money

Because it isn't just Rory Gilmore and the Thirtysomething Gang stuck in an arrested development rut, let's rank the Stars Hollow residents and their loved ones by maturity and see how they like it. 2016.12.01S08.E03

Should You Partake In Some Tokes -- 'Partoke,' If You Will -- Of High Maintenance?

The popular web comedy is now on actual television boxes on HBO, as well as its streaming platforms. It won't take more than 420 minutes of your time, so is it worth watching? 2016.09.16S01.E01

It Turns Out That The Worst Season Of Gilmore Girls Is Still A Season Of Gilmore Girls

It took the entire run of the series to figure it out, but your Marathon Diarist now knows the star of Gilmore Girls was Stars Hollow all along. 2016.03.31

Madeleine Albright, Paul Anka, And 68 Pounds Of Marijuana Visit Stars Hollow In Gilmore Girls Season 6

Also known as The Most Ridiculous Season Of Them All! Your Marathon Diarist takes in the last season before Gilmore Girls lost its creator. It's nuts. 2016.03.25

Love, Death, Punch-Drunk Shenanigans, And Pure Evil Take Turns Ruling The Gilmore Girls Universe

The diarist laughed, cried, fist-pumped, and felt anger towards a certain cruel matriarch as the Marathon Diary rolled into S5. 2016.03.17

Future Stars And The Party Are Moving To The Closest Ivy-League School On Gilmore Girls

Roger keeps getting warned about how Gilmore Girls is going to go downhill, but at the halfway point of the series, he's still enjoying the ride. 2016.03.10

Fuller House Teaches Jackson A Tough Lesson About Diving Into A Wrestling Ring Without Asking Questions First

D.J.'s oldest son listens to his dumb bestie and attends a Lucha Libre event he'd been forbidden to attend. He's immediately attacked by crazy chickens. 2016.03.02S01.E06

She's Stephanie Tanner, And In Episode 5 Of Fuller House, She's Got A Secret

At the end of 'Mad Max,' Stephanie admits something to D.J., and reminds the audience we really care about these silly gooseheads. 2016.03.01S01.E05

Holden Caulfield And Leslie Knope Make Their Presences Felt In Season 2 Of Gilmore Girls

Your Marathon Diarist tries to remember a time before Jess Mariano. 2016.02.25

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