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EHG Mini: Disparity

Which show had the biggest range between its best episode and its worst? 2017.05.01

The Great Herring War vs. Lauren Froderman, "At Last"

It's the best St. Olaf tale vs. a glimpse of the sublime in reality TV! 2017.05.01

Do You Know What Time It Is? It's Game Time.

Gamemaster Rob Hartmann has his own TV quiz show and everyone is playing. 2017.05.01

EHG Mini: Getting Dragged

The panelists name-sync for their lives. 2017.04.28

EHG Mini: Blind Us With Science

Science stories we'd like to see miniseries-ized. 2017.04.27

Prince Blackadder The Punchable vs. Easy Reader

It's 'TEEEEAAAAA!' vs. the Reader Who Sounds suspiciously like God (by way of Morgan Freeman)! 2017.04.27

EHG 153: The Handmaid's Tale Has Us Seeing Red

Tammy Everts joins us to discuss Hulu's adaptation of Margaret Atwood's all-too-relevant dystopian story, plus Oprah and a Nonac! 2017.04.26

EHG Mini: The Forcening Returns: Dave Forces Sarah

Reporting on the TV show Dave made Sarah watch. 2017.04.25

Prince Blackadder The Punchable vs. House Karaoke

It's 'TEEEEAAAAA!' vs. House, Chase and Foreman singing Midnight Train To Georgia! 2017.04.25

EHG Mini: The Forcening Returns: Tara Forces Dave

Reporting on the TV show Tara made Dave watch. 2017.04.24

Prince Blackadder The Punchable vs. The Sundae Slide

It's 'TEEEEAAAAA!' vs. a messy, delicious, nearly impossible step on the road to Space Camp! 2017.04.24

EHG Mini: The Forcening Returns: Sarah Forces Tara

Reporting on the TV show Sarah made Tara watch. 2017.04.21

The Sexy Getting Ready Song vs. Prince Blackadder The Punchable

It's some nasty-ass patriarchal bullshit vs. 'TEEEEAAAAA!'! 2017.04.21

EHG Mini: Other Tanks, Other Sharks

Creating specialized Shark Tank spinoffs. 2017.04.20


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