Mike Benner

Mike Benner lives in Los Angeles and writes for the television program Bob’s Burgers. You can follow him on Twitter if you like tweets featuring Guy Fieri and mediocre wordplay.

Unfortunately, Even Tattoos, Violence, And 'Flat Back Pancaking' Can't Save This Episode

Despite all the makings of a classic episode, the season finale is far from Mystery Diners at its best. 2015.08.06S10.E10

Mystery Diners Will Not Abide Unauthorized Civil War Reenactments

The latest episode of Mystery Diners finally answers the question, 'What exactly does a sham Civil War historical society look like in action?' 2015.07.30S10.E09

A Golf-Themed Mystery Diners Episode Putters Along

Seriously. This episode of Mystery Diners will leave you in the rough. Sorry about the golf puns. 2015.07.23S10.E08

Can Mystery Diners Help Latin Grammy Winner Jorge Moreno Save His Happy Hour?

We hope you're into obscure Latin pop singers who were once signed to Madonna's label, because there is a lot of that in this episode of Mystery Diners. 2015.07.16S10.E07

Mystery Diners Gets High-Tech And Even More Highly Phony

Charles Stiles has been spicing things up this season with new gadgets, but the technology is just as implausible as the storylines. 2015.07.09S10.E06

Can 'The Cooking Kiwi' Become A YouTube Sensation Under His Bosses' Noses?

When a renegade chef tries to become internet famous without his bosses' consent, Mystery Diners's Charles Stiles steps in as the ultimate cook block. 2015.07.02S10.E05

Outstanding Female Dicks

As Samantha Fox sort of said, dicky girls need love too. 2015.03.25

The Delightfully Fake Restaurant Crimes of Mystery Diners

Just in time for the season finale, Michael Benner brings us five (really fake) great moments from this season of the (really, really fake) show. 2014.06.30


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