Megan Lynn

Almost Los Angeles native Megan Lynn is one half of a TV writing team most recently staffed on the CW series 'Cult.' She has contributed to,,, and, among others. She is an avid sports fan, stellar potluck chef, a home canner, and an atypically disorganized Virgo. On Tuesday nights, Megan sings barbershop a capella. Because.

The CW Emmy Nominees That Never Were

On another network, they could have been contenders. 2013.07.19

The People's Emmys

How to make the show more inclusive? New categories! 2013.07.17

Putting The Heart In Hart Of Dixie

Our commentator generally makes it a point to never agree with Lemon Breeland, but Mayor Lavon Hayes is the bee’s knees. 2013.07.02

Persons Of Non-Interest

A short list of Pretty Little Liars characters who aren’t 'A' (and why we might be wrong). 2013.06.25


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