Matt Debenham

Matt Debenham is the author of the short story collection The Book of Right and Wrong, which won the Ohio State University Press Prize for Fiction. His work has appeared in Battered Suitcase, Roanoke Review, and other publications, as well as onstage in The Thrilling Adventure Hour. He lives in Westport, Connecticut, where he is the only person who does not work in finance.

Penny Dreadful Plays Its Cards

Everyone on Penny Dreadful makes a big decision this week! Whose is the worst? 2016.06.12S03.E07

Penny Dreadful Makes Chump Change

Amid a lot of male violence this week, there's nothing more explosive on Penny Dreadful than its feminism. 2016.06.05S03.E06

Penny Dreadful Takes You To Church

A single, simple scene takes Penny Dreadful forward by leaps and bounds (and stabs!). 2016.05.29S03.E05

An Airless Penny Dreadful

The problem with bottle episodes. 2016.05.22S03.E04

Penny Dreadful Takes A Couples' Retreat

Matt Debenham ranks the power couples of Penny Dreadful after 'Good And Evil Braided Be.' 2016.05.15S03.E03

What Was The Most Shocking Moment Of Penny Dreadful's Mother's Day?

Hint: not...that one character reveal. 2016.05.08S03.E02

Rare Penny

Why Penny Dreadful does genre television better than anyone else. 2016.05.01S03.E01

Nashville Chooses Hugs, Not Drugs

A great episode remembers the show's way more interesting when it focuses on interpersonal weirdness instead of substance problems. 2016.04.14S04.E15

Transparent's Second Season Ends More Imperfectly Perfect Than Ever

With S02.E10, Matt Debenham looks back on the sophomore season. 2015.12.18S02.E10

The Leftovers Ends With A Lot Of Emotion, But Is It Human?

With the season finale, Matt Debenham looks back on Season 2. 2015.12.07S02.E10

Ham Grenade

With The Leftovers in full spiritual self-delight, Meg arrives to blow it all up. Thank God! (And Liv Tyler.) 2015.11.30S02.E09

The Leftovers Introduces The Five People You Kill In Heaven

Kevin tries to fulfill his purpose in the afterlife in an adventurous episode of The Leftovers. 2015.11.23S02.E08

The Leftovers Presents Miracle, Texas: America's Staycationland!

While Nora takes a hike, Kevin sticks around to visit all Miracle, Texas, has to offer. Wish you were there? Let us be your guide! 2015.11.16S02.E07

It's Time To Ask The Hard Questions On The Leftovers

Is The Leftovers truly good television? Or does it just resemble it? 2015.11.08S02.E06

Holy Smoke Wafts Through The Leftovers

Some shocking things and people happened on a very religious-y Leftovers this week. Let us count them for you! 2015.11.01S02.E06

The Leftovers Doubles Down On The Pierce

You can't talk about The Leftovers's Patti Problem without talking about its Kevin Problem. Is this a Pierce two-fer? 2015.10.25S02.E04

Manhattan Swings A Trope On A Rope

'Fatherland,' the season's second installment is a convoluted episode whose machinations feel all too familiar. 2015.10.20S02.E02

The Leftovers Gets Some Parental Guidance

The Leftovers drifts even further away from Miracle with a story about Laurie and Tom -- and the results are stunning. 2015.10.18S02.E03

Manhattan Returns For Season 2, And Something's...Off

But it's intentional. WGN's great Manhattan returns for Season 2. How well you understand it may depend on how much you remember from last year. 2015.10.13

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