Mark Peikert

Mark Peikert would describe himself as a settler of scores, if he had to describe himself. The contents of his brain play on shuffle at

Is The Normal Heart Unbeatable at the Emmys?

Marks Peikert and Blankenship discuss infusing the Emmys with fresh talent. 2014.05.30

The Emmys Should Nominate Forty Best Actresses

Marks Blankenship and Peikert discuss their hopes for this year's awards. 2014.05.28

The Glass Is Half Empty When It Comes To Caroline In The City

Let us see how Caroline In The City ended its four-season run!

Katherine Heigl's New Spy Show: Some Educated Guesses

She’s fighting terrorists -- and misogyny! 2013.08.09

God Help The Mister Who's Come Between Us And Our Sisters

Why isn't the long-running drama available to the public?! 2013.07.26


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