Mark Blankenship

When he's not co-hosting the podcast Mark And Sarah Talk About Songs with PTV's own Sarah D. Bunting, Mark Blankenship is a content director for an arts marketing agency in New York City. If wishes come true, then he will one day be an extra-special guest judge on RuPaul's Drag Race.

Who's Having The Most Awkward Day In Transparent S02.E04?

Ranking the squirminess in an especially squirmy episode. 2015.12.15S02.E04

Transparent's Colton Is Quiet And Sweet, Yet He's Also A Pfefferman

You've gotta love Transparent's adorable puppy in S02.E03. 2015.12.14S02.E03

On Transparent, Maura's A Supporting Player, And Good For Her

Moving its lead character out of center field is a smart move for Transparent as of S02.E02. 2015.12.11

Astrid Is Too Cool For Homeland's Crap

And that's why Mark Blankenship loves her, chilly Teutonic demeanor and all. 2015.12.04S05.E09

Who's The Most Valuable Guest Star Of Empire's Midseason Finale?

Or to put it another way: which power lesbian is the most powerful? 2015.12.03S02.E10

We Interrupt This Transparent Wedding For A Trip To 1933

Please enjoy this surprise, stirring shift in the middle of the Season 2 premiere. 2015.12.01S02.E01

Let's Rank Empire's Greatest Ladies!

Yes, Cookie, Candace did call you 'Loretha'!!! 2015.11.26S02.E09

How To Get Away With Murder Star Conrad Ricamora Wasn't Even Supposed To Make It Past The Pilot

Now he's got a regular TV gig. And he's starring in a Broadway musical. And he's talking to Mark Blankenship! 2015.11.24

Shoot Off Your Mouth, Get Shot In The Stomach

In the winter finale, Annalise knows just what to say to get blown away. 2015.11.20S02.E09

Is Anything More Noteworthy On Empire Than Anika's Wig?

Let's rank the week's stupidest storylines! 2015.11.19S02.E08

How to Get Away With A Crotch-Thrusting Celebration Dance

He might be a tool, but Asher is an excellent detective in the latest HTGAWM. 2015.11.13S02.E08

For a Fleeting Moment, Flesh And Bone Is About Ballet, Not Strippers

Or, to put it another way, for a second it's almost good. 2015.11.12S01.E04

Who Had The Musical Magic On This Week's Empire?

Ranking the power players, power singers, and powerful embarrassments. 2015.11.12S02.E07

Ranking Fargo's Most Unflappable Badasses

Only the stone-faced shall survive! 2015.11.09S02.E04

How To Get Away With Murder Puts Beloved Geek Oliver In Danger

It's a great episode, but...not Oliver! Make it literally any other character instead! 2015.11.06S02.E07

Whoa! Empire Had Some Believable Relationships This Week!

But which ones were the MOST similar to actual human behavior? 2015.11.04S02.E06

Rejoice! The French Version of The Returned Has Returned!

Mark Blankenship tells you why even if you missed Season 1, you need to watch this gorgeous, creepy show. 2015.10.30S02.E01

Yes, He's Covered In Blood...But Can You Just Flirt A Little?

Michaela's latest terrible boyfriend makes How To Get Away With Murder extra weird this week. 2015.10.16S02.E04


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