Mark Blankenship

When he's not co-hosting the podcast Mark And Sarah Talk About Songs with PTV's own Sarah D. Bunting, Mark Blankenship is a content director for an arts marketing agency in New York City. If wishes come true, then he will one day be an extra-special guest judge on RuPaul's Drag Race.

Laurel Is Officially Over It On How To Get Away With Murder

And she's kicking ass in every possible direction this week. 2016.02.26S02.E12

Should Fuller House Carry On The Tanner Family's Odyssey?

If you've been dying to know what happened to Kimmy Gibbler, then you're in luck! 2016.02.26S01.E01

Is Love Just Trolling Feminist TV Critics With S01.E03?

How else do you explain Mickey's artless storyline? 2016.02.22S01.E03

Whoa: A Couple Of People In How To Get Away With Murder Almost Do The Right Thing!

By this show's standards, Frank and Laurel are basically Father and Mother Teresa now 2016.02.19S02.E11

Should You Put Down Your Magazine And Watch The New Yorker Presents?

Does the attempt to turn the venerated publication into a docuseries feel like a breaking story...or yesterday's news? 2016.02.16S01.E01

Annalise's Braids Are Filled With Secrets

She might be hallucinating here and there, but she's still stirring things up. 2016.02.12S02.E10

Let's Rank The Best Celebrity Appearances In Madonna Videos!

Because it's time someone acknowledged some of Robert Wuhl's best work. 2016.02.08

On American Crime, Even Ballet Might Not Be Safe

Or: 'You Can Dance If You Want To (See How Terrible Your Community Is).' 2016.02.04S02.E05

Let's Pre-Judge The Season 8 Queens Of RuPaul's Drag Race!

Using nothing but their intro videos, Mark Blankenship orders them from worst to first. 2016.02.03

Cher Crapped On Her Legacy With Beavis And Butt-Head

Mark Blankenship on the difficult mid-'90s of an icon. 2016.02.01

Is This The Last Of Galavant?

Once again, cancellation seems imminent. So is the finale up to snuff? 2016.01.31S02.E09

Must American Crime Make Us Play 'Spot The Gay Kid' With These Teenage Boys?

And other almost-burning questions sparked by the latest episode. 2016.01.27S02.E04

Don't Worry -- Galavant's Death Is Hilarious!

Seriously, though. There are at least twenty great jokes in this episode. 2016.01.24S02.E07

After Lifetime Covers Toni Braxton, Which R&B Divas Will Get Their Own Crappy Biopics?

If you thought Toni was the bottom of the barrel, think again! 2016.01.22

What Other Spooky Celebrities Should Join Marilyn Manson In The Cast of Salem?

Let's not pretend Criss Angel has anything else going on right now. 2016.01.22

The Great British Bake Off May, In Fact, Create World Peace

Grab a scone and start watching reality TV's gift to us all 2016.01.15

Shirtless Hunks And Saucy Songs: Galavant Literally Has It All

Let's all start watching ABC's silly musical comedy! 2015.12.31S02.E01

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