Mark Blankenship

When he's not co-hosting the podcast Mark And Sarah Talk About Songs with PTV's own Sarah D. Bunting, Mark Blankenship is a content director for an arts marketing agency in New York City. If wishes come true, then he will one day be an extra-special guest judge on RuPaul's Drag Race.

Twenty-Five Years After Its Heyday, Is Cheers Still Funny?

For 1991 Week, Mark Blankenship uses 'The Days Of Wine And Neuroses' as a test case. 2016.06.02S09.E15

Is Michael Jackson's 'Black Or White' Video As Exciting As It Was In 1991?

A look back at smashed cars and Macaulay Culkin rhymes. 2016.06.01

Let's Rank Designing Women's Cast Of Characters!

We all loved Bernice, but where does she rank among the Sugarbakers and Sugarbaker-adjacent? Mark Blankenship puts them all in order, because someone has to. 2016.05.31

If British Period Drama Turns You On, Then The Dresser Is Your Sexiest Fantasy

Starring Sirs McKellen and Hopkins, for that extra dash of class. 2016.05.27

In The Night Manager's Finale, The Bad Guys Finally Clock Who's Boss

Three cheers for ass-kicking tradecraft! 2016.05.24S01.E06

Empire Goes Full Dynasty

But which catfights and vaguely incestuous weddings are most ludicrous of all? 2016.05.19S02.E18

The Night Manager Makes Nice Hotels Seem Terrifying

And bedbugs have nothing to do with it. 2016.05.17S01.E05

Walk Into The RuPaul's Drag Race Finale Purse-First!

For the last time, the ladies of Season 8 come throoooough. 2016.05.17S08.E10

Empire Drops A Hundred Bombs At The ASAs

But is Carol's stank attitude the biggest one? 2016.05.12S02.E17

Which RuPaul's Drag Race Queens Should Come Back For The Second All Stars Season?

Mark Blankenship has a fantasy cast. Do you concur with his picks? 2016.05.10

On Empire, Nothing Says Danger Like A Baby Mat

And other small details that make 'The Lyon Who Cried Wolf' certifiably insane. 2016.05.05S02.E16

It's A Final Four To Die Fo(u)r On RuPaul's Drag Race

Not even some weak-ass runway looks can keep these ladies down. 2016.05.02S08.E09

Jamal's Voice Is The Real Money On Empire

And other small details that make this episode a high (note). 2016.04.28S02.E14

Spies Like The Night Manager's Angela Make Their Genre Great

Her passion is both thrilling and potentially dangerous. Let's see where it takes her! 2016.04.26S01.E02

On Empire, Nobody's Got Moves Like The Old White Dude

And other small details that make the latest episode a joy to behold. 2016.04.21S02.E14

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