Mark Blankenship

When he's not co-hosting the podcast Mark And Sarah Talk About Songs with PTV's own Sarah D. Bunting, Mark Blankenship is a content director for an arts marketing agency in New York City. If wishes come true, then he will one day be an extra-special guest judge on RuPaul's Drag Race.

Let's Rank Empire's Funniest Tragedies

This week, the harrowing moments are also hilarious. 2015.10.14S02.E04

The Vodka's Not Helping, Annalise!

The mighty fall (at least a little) on How To Get Away With Murder. 2015.10.09S02.E03

Let's Rank The Times Lucious Lyon Thought He Was Jesus

On Empire, people keep on believing they're immortal. 2015.10.07S02.E03

Season 3 Is Obliterating Everything That Made Brooklyn Nine-Nine A Good Sitcom

And Mark would like to know what the hell happened. 2015.10.05S03.E02

That Time Lucious Spat Rhymes

Was it wise for Empire to let its hip-hop legend perform for us? 2015.09.30S02.E02

Bye Rebecca! There Are New Freaks In Town On How To Get Away With Murder!

Annalise has at least three new people to manipulate this year! 2015.09.25S02.E01

Empire's Crazy Politics Are Really Fun To Watch

Don't even pretend that you predicted everything that went down at that concert. 2015.09.23S02.E01

You Can Stay Fabulous During The Drag Race Hiatus!

John Ramos and Mark Blankenship discuss what's worth checking out in gay TV between seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race. 2015.09.18

Show Me A Hero Gets Almost Everything Right

HBO's miniseries winds up its run with an exceptional, emotional finale. 2015.08.30S01.E06

If You Change Just A Little, Then Yonkers Might Change, Too

Show Me A Hero demonstrates the sweeping power of individual growth. 2015.08.23S01.E03

We Don't Even Know What's Chasing Us!

Mark Blankenship is not a crackpot. He just thinks zombie stories are always scariest in their opening chapters. 2015.08.21

Should You Fight City Hall With Show Me A Hero?

David Simon and Paul Haggis's new HBO minseries wants to blow the lid off racism in 1980s Yonkers. But does it? 2015.08.14S01.E01

Mr. Robot Puts A Refreshing Spin On Buddy Cops

Darlene and Trenton seriously need their own spinoff. 2015.08.06S01.E07

'I Will Douse My Television In Hairspray And Set It On Fire'

Sarah D. Bunting and Mark Blankenship discuss what's next -- good and possibly bad -- for Mr. Robot. 2015.07.30

Battle Of The World's Biggest Yaz Fans

Every show is putting 'Only You' on its soundtrack, but which one is using it best? 2015.06.30S03.E04

One Last Trip

The Nurse Jackie finale strikes an honest, devastating balance. 2015.06.29S07.E12

Can We Extinguish This Plot Twist?

Please don't let a last-minute superhero derail the end of Nurse Jackie. 2015.06.21S07.E11

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