Lora Alexander

Lora Alexander spent a childhood raised in the grand Pentecostal belief that TV was the home of the devil and must be banned, and has spent her adult life trying to catch up on everything she missed. Don't take it personally when she can't remember your name: she can't remember anyone's.

Casting Television To A T

Plenty of shows should be put on ice, but a select few should put Ice on. 2015.12.16

Yes, Virginia, There Is A Rape Culture

A campus rape story blows up in the media, and then it blows up in the faces of the sex police. 2015.04.02S16.E18

Gestate Your Purpose

As expected, Jeff and Lora agree that the unholy final trimester of Rosemary's Baby fails to deliver. 2014.05.16S01.E02

Parsley, Rage, Rosemary, And Time

Parents/ correspondents cut more than the cord on this misbegotten remake. 2014.05.12S01.E01


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