Liane Bonin Starr

Liane Bonin Starr is a writer whose name has shown up in lots of places, such as Entertainment Weekly, People, the Los Angeles Times and HitFix, but never a police least not yet. In her spare time she sits in her car, because she lives in Los Angeles.

On Pretty Little Liars, A.D. Has To Be A Bunch Of People, Right?

Meanwhile, even the Liars hate games and think teenagers suck -- working at a high school is even worse than we thought it would be. 2017.04.25S07.E12

As Once Upon A Time Releases The Kraken, Jafar Proves Himself A Typically Dumb Villain

As balance, Jasmine is too nice for her own good, so there's that. Anyone else need a hug? 2017.04.03S06.E15

There's A Thin Line Between Love And Hate On Once Upon A Time, But What About Self-Loathing?

It's Regina vs. the Evil Queen in an episode of creative camera angles and bitterness. 2017.03.27S06.E14

In The Season Finale Of Vikings, There's A Lot Of Dying...And Look Who Shows Up!

Brilliant political gamesmanship, big hatchets, and this guy! 2017.02.02S04.E20

Is Everybody Fighting About Something On Vikings?

Is Ivar maybe not total garbage? And is even a stupid Viking a better warrior than the guys from Essex? Liane Bonin Starr has questions. 2017.01.26S04.E19

Bjorn And The Kids Go For Revenge Ragnar Would So Appreciate On Vikings

No drugs and rock 'n' roll this week, but man, they really bring the sex and violence. 2017.01.19S04.E18

Is There Anything Vikings's Ivar Won't Pitch A Fit About?

And more questions sparked by 'The Great Army'! 2017.01.11S04.E17

Exactly Why Isn't Lagertha Just Killing Ivar Now On Vikings?

And other questions sparked by 'Crossings'! 2017.01.05S04.E16

Ragnar's Bolder Vikings Strategy Seems Really Painful And Depressing

Because there are a few days left of 2016, of course THIS had to happen. 2016.12.29S04.E15

Is Ragnar Asking For It, And By 'It' We Mean 'A Brutal Death,' On Vikings?

Also, will that stupid son with the bad hair stop harping about Harbard already? 2016.12.22S04.E14

Why Does Vikings's Rollo Want In On Bjorn's Seemingly Doomed Cruise?

Also, Aslaug's psychic, so why isn't that more useful? Liane Bonin Starr has questions about the latest episode of Vikings! 2016.12.14S05.E03

Ivar Is The Messed Up Warrior Vikings Needs Now

He's probably going to kill someone for no good reason, but did you see him on those crutches? 2016.12.07S04.E12

Ragnar Ain't Got Nobody And He's Feeling So Sad On Vikings

You thought THIS was a tough year? Yeah, yeah, talk to the King. 2016.11.30S04.E11

Henry Is All Grown Up And Turning Once Upon A Time Into An Annoying John Hughes Movie

This week had a lot of Afterschool Special-itis, honestly. 2016.11.14S06.E08

Sybil Is The Anti-Bridezilla To Caroline On The Vampire Diaries, And It's Oddly Perfect

She's not a manatee, but she's the pure evil this show needs as it gears up for the end times. 2016.11.05S08.E03

In Stan Against Evil, John C. McGinley Isn't Bruce Campbell, And That's Okay

But the Scrubs star does fight demons in his new IFC comedy. 2016.11.02S01.E01

Is A Halloween Supernatural Really Special When It's Always Halloween On Supernatural?

It's just another day at the office for the Winchesters. 2016.10.28S12.E03

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