Leigh-Ann Jackson

Leigh-Ann Jackson is a freelance writer who has written entertaining and informative time-wasters for such websites as MSN.com and Babble. She served as a features writer, pop culture critic and style editor for The Austin American-Statesman in Austin, TX. In between, she owned and operated Swirl Syndicate, a T-shirt line featuring her own designs inspired by children with diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Girl Meets Politics

Uncle Eric's out to change the world, one Quayle-esque antic at a time. 2015.07.11S02.E09

One Last Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

NeNe lashes out, then breaks down, and it's Dr. Jeff to the rescue. 2015.05.11S07.E25

Backstabbing Friends Forever

As the RHOA reunion rolls on, Andy makes a flowchart of all the failed friendships. 2015.05.04S07.E24

All White, So Wrong

Part 1 of the reunion proves the season finale's lovefest was too good to be true. 2015.04.27S07.E23

Dueling Debuts

NeNe and Kenya share the fruits of their respective labors, with varying results. 2015.04.20S07.E22

Don't Forget The Kids

The cast members' kids get some love, but to hell with all the rest. 2015.04.13S07.E21

Relax, Relate, Release

The group flies halfway across the globe to get to know each other better. 2015.03.30S07.E19

We Don't Have An Issue

Everyone has problems, and Kandi has problems with that. 2015.03.23S07.E18

There Can Be Only One

NeNe's heated about her HBIC spot being contested. 2015.03.16S07.E17

Talking About Talking

Everyone's jumping on the therapy bandwagon -- from couples to group. 2015.03.09S07.E16

Puttin' It On The Table

Cynthia coins the term 'whore-pocracy,' and it becomes her battle cry. 2015.03.02S07.E15

You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea

Season 1 started with two corpses, finished with a third, and was overcrowded with lies throughout. 2015.02.27S01.E15

The Mother Of All Mamas

Annalise calls in her savior to cook, calm, and tell it like it t-i-i-s. 2015.02.20S01.E13

Telltale Texts

Apollo spends his 'last' days of freedom slinging mud at Phaedra. 2015.02.16S07.E14

All Shook Up

Near misses -- and one major upset -- have everyone's hands trembling and bottom lips quivering. 2015.02.13S01.E12

It Is What It Is

Thanks to Phaedra and Kandi, there's a soupcon of reality here; go figure. 2015.02.09S07.E13

The House Of Horrors

Annalise tries to dodge her demons by taking on a monstrous new client. 2015.02.06S01.E11

A Pack Of Lies

The interns try to keep their story straight, but they're not all on the same page. 2015.01.30S01.E10

This Guy Again

Claudia lapses into lameness as she cozies up to Porsha's sloppy seconds. 2015.01.26S07.E12

Separate But Evil

The two cliques clash, but enjoy Puerto Rico from opposite corners. 2015.01.19S07.E11

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