Lauren Shotwell

Lauren Shotwell is a Southern California native who moved to the South for just long enough to cultivate a deep love of pimento cheese, grits, and pimento cheese grits. She's happy to be back on the West Coast where she can watch UCLA games in the proper time zone, Mad Men and Game of Thrones at 7PM via the East Coast feed, and eat Mexican food until she can't stand up. She has also written for Television Without Pity.

Midday In The Garden Of Drunk And Evil

The Royal Family hosts a garden party, where fancy hats are worn and rivalries commence. 2015.03.22S01.E02

Should You Give The Royals Its Namesake Treatment?

E! takes a stab at scripted drama, but will it reign supreme? 2015.03.13S01.E01

Graham Norton Offers Cocktails And Talk, And What Else Is There, Really?

Take a talk show, make the guests interact for an hour, add a charming Irish comic host and sprinkle liberally with booze and inappropriate humor. Voilà! 2014.10.03


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