Joanna Yu

Joanna Yu lives in Los Angeles but she'd totally move to London if you'd ask her to, provided there was a cool job and awesome apartment waiting for her. Until that happens, Joanna will continue freelance writing, raising her three awesome kids and perfecting her waffle recipe.

The Blacklist Cleans Up Real Nice

While Red auditions new cleaners, Liz solves crimes with help from a disabled girl's dioramas. 2017.01.12S04.E10

The Blacklist Orders Some Fish And Chips

Someone is smuggling stolen computer chips inside fresh fish, and it's never really clear why. 2017.01.05S04.E09

The Blacklist Still Wants To Know: Are You Liz's Father?

It's a simple question. Are you Liz's father? Are you Liz's father? Well, are you? Somebody has to be, right? 2016.11.10S04.E08

Let's Have A Drink With The Blacklist!

Just maybe steer clear of the Bloody Marys, unless you're a DNA match. 2016.11.04S04.E07

The Blacklist Goes Analog

Because there's no better way to combat super-hackers than with a well-choreographed slide show. 2016.10.27S04.E06

The Blacklist Cleans Up!

It's Episode 5. Time to put the hematologist in the bathtub! 2016.10.20S04.E05

The Blacklist Nose What's Up!

What does an eco-terrorist have to do with getting Liz's baby back? Almost nothing! 2016.10.14S04.E04

No One Puts A Baby In The Blacklist!

Tom and Liz's baby is still missing...and that's a good thing (for the show). 2016.10.06S04.E03

The Blacklist Goes Under The Knife

But you probably won't be happy with what they're surgically removing. 2016.09.29S04.E02

The Blacklist Is Back-List!

And that's good news for almost everyone…um…not so fast, Liz. 2016.09.23S04.E01


On Zoo, An Ant Can Get Inside Someone's Spine Now?

Also, what is it about tire-punching that's so darn sexy? And other not-quite-burning questions. 2016.07.06S02.E03


Did Zoo Just Pick Up Right Where It Left Off Last Summer?

Could the show be improved if one of the Croo became a homicidal mutant? And other pressing questions about the Season 2 premiere. 2016.06.29S02.E01

The Blacklist Finale Aims To Please!

Does anyone die? More importantly, does anyone come back to life? 2016.05.20S03.E23

This Blacklist Is Super PAC'd With Tension!

Sure, most of it is political tension, but there's a fair amount of creepy sexual tension too! 2016.05.13S03.E22

It's Ladies' Night On The Blacklist!

Even if they are only here to prep the launch of that Liz-free spinoff on the horizon. 2016.05.05S03.E21

The Blacklist Puts The Fun Back In Funerals!

Just kidding. Liz's funeral is kind of a bummer, even if it probably ends up being totally fake. 2016.04.29S03.E20

The Blacklist Spends Some Time At The Beach

But can Red really relax in Jersey in the off-season? The answer is no. No, he can't. 2016.04.22S03.E19

The Blacklist Postpones The Honeymoon

Because Liz is having our baby. What a lovely way to say how much she loves us. 2016.04.15S03.E18

It's Like (A) Rain (Of Bullets) On Your Wedding Day On The Blacklist

The Blacklist returns and so does Mr. Solomon. Isn't that ironic? 2016.04.07S03.E17

The Blacklist Can't Keep Its Secrets Buried

Why store information in computers when there are so many dead bodies just lying around? 2016.02.26S03.E16

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