Jessica Liese

Jessica Liese is probably best known as the senior Amazing Race correspondent for Rob Has a Website, where she regularly podcasts and blogs about race strategy, international travel, and Phil Keoghan's impressive range of facial expressions. She is also a book critic, amateur boxer, wine enthusiast, and two-time game show loser. Her taste in television is as eclectic as it is embarrassing.

Survivor Goes From Blindfolds To Blindsides

At the immunity challenge, Jeff unveils yet another shocking twist...and a couple of totally unshocking comments about balls and holes. 2017.03.22S34.E03

Survivor Tries To Get Your Goat

When the tribes split from two into three, a few Survivors have to scramble to stay alive in the game, and a few goats have to scramble to stay alive know, life. 2017.03.15S34.E02

The More Survivor's Games Change, The More They Stay The Same

Twenty returning contestants hit the beach for Survivor's 34th season premiere, its 500th episode, and roughly the billionth scene where someone's not there to make friends. 2017.03.09S34.E01

Will You Get A Kick Out Of Kicking And Screaming?

Or will Fox's new wilderness survival competition make you run away screaming? 2017.03.07S01.E01

Hoarders Sings A Possible Swan Song To One Very Special Hoard

The de-hoarding of a sprawling North Carolina mansion proves emotionally wrenching for hoarder and expert alike. 2017.01.23S09.E06

An Emotional Support Skull Is Hard To Part With On Hoarders

The team of experts contends with one of the most daunting, tragic hoards ever. 2017.01.16S09.E05

This Week's Hoarders Is A Real Barn-Burner

The only thing that's going to help some of these people is a good cleansing fire, but even that might not be enough. 2017.01.09S09.E04

On Hoarders, Leza And Linda Don't Have The Heart To Part With Their Junk

A fortune-teller is unable to read auras through all her stuff, but if she could, she'd foresee a few deeply uncomfortable confrontations. 2017.01.02S09.E03

Fuller House's High School Classmates Get Reunited And It Feels So Good

After S02.E11, let's rank the successes and failures of DJ and Kimmy's peer group. 2016.12.15S02.E11

A Classic Sitcom Trope Crawls Home To Fuller House

A creepy critter makes a cameo in S02.E08, and the platonic ideal of sitcom moments occurs. 2016.12.14S02.E08

Didn't DJ Already Make That Big Choice About Her Love Life On Fuller House?

And more questions sparked by the Season 2 premiere! 2016.12.09S02.E01

We Are The Plate-Glass Windows Of Luke Cage's Harlem, And We're Not Amused

Does it feel just like you're walking on broken glass? There's a reason for that. 2016.09.30S01.E02

Big Brother's Not Kitten Around

The final three introduce myriad never-before-seen vignettes from their crazy summer before getting down to the purr-pose of the episode: a kitty-themed final HoH challenge. 2016.09.16S18.E41

It's Filler, Filler Everywhere On The So You Think You Can Dance Finale

After an interminable parade of character moments, flashbacks, b-roll, and recycled performances, SYTYCD: TNG finally crowns a winner. 2016.09.13S13.E13

Is Queen Sugar A Sweet Escape, Or Will It Leave A Sour Taste?

Does Ava DuVernay's new drama series have the potential to rule the airwaves? 2016.09.07S01.E01

So You Think You Can Dance Thinks It Can Also Choreograph

SYTYCD celebrates 250 episodes with a few special (and not-so-special) guest stars. 2016.08.30S13.E11

It's So You Think You Can Dance, Not So You Think You Can Sit In A Tree

SYTYCD welcomes everyone back from a two-week hiatus with an hour of great dancing and an hour of pure filler. 2016.08.23S13.E10

Heavy Are The Heads That Wear The HoH Crowns On Big Brother

A twist brings double the Heads of Household, double the fun. But can an unlikely pair harness the power of friendship to pull off a single big move? 2016.08.21S18.E29

Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer Takes On Some Of TV’s Favorite Bars

Running a (fictional) bar is not just a business -- it’s a science. Jessica Liese imagines what he might have to say about watering holes on scripted TV shows. 2016.08.17

The Wine Show Learns Some Tools Of The Winemaking Trade

Ranking the weird, wild, and whimsical segments of the edutainment offerings for oenophiles in S01.E02. 2016.08.13S01.E02