Jennifer Stewart

Jennifer Stewart is a fairly high-ranking executive at a television network you're probably watching right now. This more than likely means she's writing under an assumed name.

Young And Mold

Please see the attached network notes on the season finale…or, as you'll be calling them when you're done reading these, the season premiere. You're welcome! 2014.09.10S02.E08

Hotel For Dogs

Please see the attached network notes. If you can make the cut better, it might inspire Fox to start paying its employees as well! 2014.08.26S02.E06

Sushi With Fruit? Now I've Seen Everything!

It's getting deeper into the season and the network is starting to lose patience. Please see the attached notes on this episode and let's schedule a conference call as soon as we're done ruining Utopia. 2014.08.12S02.E04

Reefer Badness

Fox had a few issues this week. A conference call should be scheduled at our earliest convenience. 2014.08.05S02.E03

Bar: None

Networks like it when they don't have to do much work, so Fox was pretty happy with an episode that drove everyone to drink except for them. 2014.07.29S02.E02

Fashion Slow

Unlucky Season 13 of Project Runway is here, and the executives at Lifetime who took the time to half-watch it are NOT amused. 2014.07.25S13.E01

Cher And Cher Alike

Gordon Ramsay is back to hate on incompetent hotel owners, revealing a love of Mexican people being Mexican-y, and a white-hot hatred for Cher. But the episode didn't get to you without some network interference, which we have intercepted. 2014.07.21S02.E01

Capitalist Interloper Billy Joel Plays Music

A newly-unearthed view of Billy Joel's music, until now hidden behind the Iron Curtain. 2014.01.31

The Wicca, Man!

Here are your notes on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Season 4 Episode 3. Or, as we’re calling it in-house, Episode 2.5. 2013.11.19S04.E03

Dancing With The...These People

Here are your notes on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 2. What time TODAY are you available for a call? 2013.11.12S04.E02

Power Bottoms

Who's up, who's down, and who's a scandal-maker in the Arrested Development power rankings. 2013.06.03

'The Charmless Offensive Continues'

"There are 51 uses of the word 'Jeah' from Ryan and others throughout this episode. Please cut 12." 2013.05.20S01.E05

'It Feels Like We're Settling In To The Groove Of The Series This Week...'

"...and I only wish I could cast that statement in a positive light." 2013.05.06S01.E03

Ryan Would...Go Back To The Drawing Board?

Please see attached. Our concerns are many and we look forward to discussing soon. 2013.04.22S01.E01


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