Jason Martin

Radio host, writer, pessimist, and former pro wrestling announcer, Jason Martin became the first scripted television critic for Outkick the Coverage and FOXSports.com. His written work has been featured for FOX and SB Nation. In addition, he hosts two popular programs for WGFX-FM 104.5 The Zone in Nashville and is a play-by-play broadcaster in multiple states. Somehow, he still finds the time to loathe the very existence of reality TV. He works out of Nashville, Tennessee - but lives in Kentucky.

There Is A Life About To Start

Caputo figures it out; now it's time to fight the power. 2015.06.23S03.E11

Catch Fire's Blaze Burns Brighter Than Ever

AMC's underrated drama Halt And Catch Fire should be near the top of your to-do list. 2015.05.29

Hale To The Veep

Gary and Selina's relationship is anything but simple, but sometimes Miami Sunburst is all you need. 2015.05.01S04.E03

Bloodline: Beautiful, Brutal, And Sometimes Brilliant

It has a familiar feel, an incredible cast, and a slow build that pays off. 2015.04.10

Getting Down To The Root

Samantha Groves continues to keep Person Of Interest atop the Most Wanted List. 2015.04.07

The Most Recognizable Dick In Sports

Dick Vitale: unquestionably good man, completely unwatchable high-profile sports broadcaster. 2015.03.26


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