Henning Fog

Henning tutors high schoolers, sells books at Barnes & Noble, and less frequently but more fulfillingly writes things for websites (Hollywood.com; Bustle.com) and for himself. He's not ready to talk about the latter but he feels really good about how it's taking shape! Like Johnny "Drama" Chase, he lives in Los Angeles.

Cabana Boy-ing Is Not The Endless Volleyball Orgy Saved By The Bell Would Have You Believe

Comparing the Bayside Gang's summer at 'Malibu Sands' with this author's real-life adventures in seaside service. 2013.08.28

Liz Meriwether Wants You to Know She's, Like, Supes Awks

Adorkability trumps candor when the New Girl creator visits The Writers' Room. 2013.08.20S01.E04

Who's Going To Bite It In The Final Eight Episodes Of Breaking Bad?

If there's one thing you can count on this season, it's bodies (in body bags). We run down their likelihood of death. 2013.08.08

Predicting The 2017 Emmy Nominations

The 2013 Emmy race is so OVER. What happens four years from now? 2013.07.19

Hey, Emmys! Bring Back The 'Best New Program' Category

Why resuscitating the retired category is good for TV. 2013.07.18

Kenny Powers Vs. Communism

The best American heroes wear curly mullets and spout profane poetry. 2013.07.03S03.E03

Does Wilfred Deserve A Second Look?

FX's surreal sitcom is back, but if you haven't been watching, should it get another chance to hump your leg? 2013.06.21S03.E01

Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Your New Favorite Show

Just because it's MTV doesn't mean it's not quality programming! 2013.06.14S01.E07

Six Ways Save Me Can Save Itself

Some of these might actually work! 2013.05.31S01.E03


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