Haley Chouinard

Haley is a pop culture writer who lives in New York City. An alum of the University of West Florida and Syracuse University, Haley has written for Bustle, The Post and Courier, and Rolling Stone. In her free time, Haley likes to talk at length about award shows, 30 Rock, and any and all of the Kardashians.

Marilla Reveals A Softer Side In Episode 4 Of Anne With An E

With 'An Inward Treasure Born,' a catastrophe causes Marilla to lean into her maternal role at last. 2017.05.16S01.E04

In Episode 3, Anne With An E Strikes Back

Mean tweens get the best of our plucky heroine in 'But What Is So Headstrong As Youth'? 2017.05.15S01.E03

Joy Gets In On The Action In Iron Fist

In S01.E03, the show’s most boring character becomes a key player. 2017.03.17S01.E03

The Queen Puts Duty Before Family As The The Crown's First Season Closes

Elizabeth has to make some tough calls in the tense season finale. 2016.11.11S01.E10

Elizabeth's Rocky Marriage Gets Even More Tense In The Penultimate Episode Of The Crown

In 'Assassins,' the return of Elizabeth's old friend puts even more strain on her troubled marriage. 2016.11.10S01.E09

Should You Fall In Line With Good Girls Revolt?

Amazon's '60s newsroom drama is here, but will it leave you feeling groovy? 2016.10.26S01.E01

Should You Let Crisis In Six Scenes Get In Your Head?

It's Woody Allen's first TV series. Should he stick to movies? 2016.09.29S01.E01

It's Time To End New Girl

Haley Chouinard is not a crackpot. She just thinks it's time to leave the loft for good. 2016.09.20S06.E01

You're The Worst Lets Lindsay's Story Get Even Darker

Or: when chopping vegetables goes badly wrong. 2016.08.31S03.E01

Let's Rank The Booziest Episodes Of Parks & Recreation!

Because the Pawnee Parks Department was all about that after-work drink. 2016.08.17

The Wine Show Gets Holy

In S01.E04, Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys take a trip to the Vatican in search of good Catholic wine. 2016.08.15S01.E04

Is It Possible That Difficult People Is Too New York?

And other not-so-burning questions about the show's second season. 2016.08.09S02.E06

Should We, As A Culture, Start Leaving Cancelled Shows Alone?

Haley Chouinard is not a crackpot. She just thinks cancelled shows should stay cancelled. 2016.08.05

Jane The Virgin Needs To Get Rid Of Michael...Permanently

Haley Chouinard is not a crackpot. She just thinks it's time to kill off Michael so that Jane The Virgin can evolve past its gimmicky love triangle. 2016.08.01


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