Eve Batey

Eve Batey's a co-founding writer of SFist.com, a former deputy managing editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, the founder of the San Francisco Appeal, the co-proprietor of Slow News Day, and a dogsitter.

Could Frank Be The Brains Behind Everything On How To Get Away With Murder?

Ranking the players in the latest Bonnie-focused outing. 2015.10.23S02.E05

Praise The Lord And Pass The Empire

When Andre decides to get baptized, a couple cats hop out of the bag. 2015.10.22S02.E05

What Do You Get The iZombie Who Has Everything?

It's Liv's birthday, but the party is kind of a dog. 2015.10.21S02.E03

Empire Reminds Us That You Should Never Threaten A Lyon's Cubs

Will Cookie crumble when she gets hauled back to jail? 2015.10.14S02.E04

iZombie Brings The Hugs, Drugs, And Thugs

Just because you're undead doesn't mean you can't get wasted. 2015.10.14S02.E02

The Empire Strikes Back

Lucious is out of jail, back on top, and raining on everyone's parade...but for how long? 2015.10.07S02.E03

iZombie's Second Season Gets Even Darker

Someone's listening in on your favorite undead detective. 2015.10.06S02.E01

On Empire, Everyone's A Little Thirsty

So take a big drink of law enforcement brutality, parental rejection, and blackmail! 2015.09.30S02.E02

Should You Answer The Player's Call?

Will you place a bet on on yet another crime prediction show? 2015.09.24S01.E01

Empire Returns In A Whirl Of Glorious Insanity

Cannibalism? Check. A caged Cookie in a gorilla suit? Check. Double-crosses? Double check. 2015.09.23S02.E01

Impastor Is The Mid-Summer Treat You're Looking For

When Michael Rosenbaum grows out his hair he gets really funny! Who knew? 2015.08.05S01.E04

Scream Takes Aim And Misses Yet Again

Is that a gun in your pocket? Because Eve Batey can't believe you're that happy to see this week's Scream. 2015.07.29S01.E05

Is Scream Rich Enough To Buy The Vote Of An Honest Man?

Despite a murderous election, the 'slasher as series' fails to deliver on its campaign promises. 2015.07.22S01.E04

Scream Needs To Let Tyler Die

We already know someone chopped his head off, so let's stop pretending he might be the killer, when this Kieran is a much more likely prospect.... 2015.07.15S01.E03

Hannibal's Best Looks In 'Dolce' Don't Always Make Sense, But They Sure Are Fabulous

Eve Batey collects the images you can't get out of your head. 2015.07.10S03.E06

The School For Scandal Is In Session On Scream

Scream's creepy caller claims that corruption seethes below Lakewood's surface, and the only way to reveal it is...gifs? 2015.07.08S01.E02

Everybody Has A Blow Torch, Right?

When a 'tidy' police suicide takes a turn, everyone's a suspect but Hildy and English, it seems. What are they to do? 2015.07.07S02.E05

Does Scream Have What It Takes To Survive?

Scream desperately wants to be sexy, clever, and dangerous. Is it? 2015.07.01S01.E01

Leaves Of Three

Panties, paranoia, and pastries reign over Episode 8. 2015.06.18S03.E08

Will Hodiak Ever Eat That Apple Fritter?

Aquarius waves resolution in front of our faces, but it's hard to get a bite. 2015.06.11S01.E12


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