Eve Batey

Eve Batey's a co-founding writer of SFist.com, a former deputy managing editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, the founder of the San Francisco Appeal, the co-proprietor of Slow News Day, and a dogsitter.

The X-Files Does The Monster Mash

Mulder finds his faith renewed after a very special graveyard smash. 2016.02.01S10.E03

EHG Mini: The Man From E.L.C.N.U.

Jason's Extra Credit asked us to reverse, and describe, acronym shows like The Man From UNCLE. Ballet and prison breaks ensued. 2016.02.01

EHG Mini: Celebrity Amazing Race

The best (and worst) possible teams. 2016.01.29

EHG Mini: Lyons Share

The actors/musicians we'd cast on Empire. 2016.01.28

EHG Mini: Oscar TV

The 2016 Academy Award nominees we'd send to series on basic cable. 2016.01.27

EHG 102: The X-Files Returns, And We Want To Believe

Eve Batey's back to see if the truth is really out there for this reboot -- and that's not the only '90s TV we're discussing! 2016.01.26

Escape From X-Files Mountain

Geez, kids can be such a headache sometimes. 2016.01.25S10.E02

The More The X-Files Change, The More They Stay The Same

Conspiracies, spacecraft, and assassinations, oh my! 2016.01.24S10.E01

Should You Sit Down For A Big Helping Of Fit To Fat To Fit?

A new weight-loss show fulfills one's darkest suspicions of personal trainers. 2016.01.19S01.E01

Dr. Phil Concludes His Visit To The Making A Murderer Well

That scraping sound is McGraw's bucket hitting sand, dirt. 2016.01.18

Should You Give Second Chance A Chance?

So Facebook and Frankenstein's monster walk into a bar... 2016.01.13S01.E01

iZombie Gets (Zombie) High

When murder strikes the set of Liv's favorite show, she's ready to be (or not to be). 2016.01.13S02.E10

Making A Murderer's Brendan Dassey Learns A Tough Lesson About Talking To The Police

Just when you thought things couldn't get any bleaker, in S01.E09 they do. 2015.12.24S01.E09

EHG Mini: 'Tis The (Pilot) Season

Making TV the gift of great holiday-movie source material. 2015.12.14

EHG Mini: Clunk High

Choosing the least-good episode of a mostly good show. 2015.12.11

EHG Mini: Favourite Show

The shows that own our hearts. 2015.12.10

iZombie's Super Holiday Bummer

If you're seeking a warm and fuzzy season-of-hope finale, you've come to the wrong morgue. 2015.12.09S02.E09

EHG Mini: Equal Time

Balancing the scales, post-Trump. 2015.12.09

EHG 97: Heading Into The Lyons' Den For Empire

Eve Batey and Mark Blankenship return to talk about Fox's hip hop soap. 2015.12.08


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