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Eve Batey's a co-founding writer of SFist.com, a former deputy managing editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, the founder of the San Francisco Appeal, the co-proprietor of Slow News Day, and a dogsitter.

Empire Gets Bogged Down In ASAs

How many press conferences, cocktail parties, and events does one awards show need? 2016.04.28S02.E15

Empire's Shareholders Drop The Mic

Lucious will do anything to get Hakeem out of the c-suite. 2016.04.21S02.E14

Empire Lets Cookie Have A Happy Birthday

But only for a little bit. 2016.04.13S02.E13

American Grit Faces STRONG In The Battle Of The Masochistic Challenges

Can these shows' contestants fill the obvious voids in their souls with running, jumping, and climbing? 2016.04.13S01.E01

iZombie's Stakes Rise

And they didn't even need a barbed wire baseball bat! 2016.04.12S02.E18

Empire Lards The Bard

Empire REALLY wants you to describe this episode as 'Shakespearean.' 2016.04.06S02.E12

Everyone On iZombie Has A Terrible Plan

Bad decisions abound in the penultimate episode of iZombie's second season. 2016.04.06S02.E17

Putting The 'Ho-Ho-Ho' In Hoarders

One hoarder thinks she's Mrs. Claus; the other just wants to give her grandkids a home. 2016.04.03S08.E16

Who Will Last The Full 60 Days In?

Ranking our fauxmates from most to least viable. 2016.04.01S01.E05

Empire Puts The Lyons In The Same Den

Well, most of them, anyway. 2016.03.30S02.E11

At Long Last, The Good Wife Starts To Make Some Moves

'It's about time' doesn't even begin to address it. 2016.03.28S07.E18

Hoarders Tries To Clear Away The Grief

Can our hoarders learn that stuff won't fill the void loved ones leave behind? 2016.03.27S08.E15

The Good Wife's Got All Hands On Deck

Is there any opponent Alicia can't beat off? 2016.03.21S07.E17

Hoarders Goes To The Dogs (And The Birds, Mice, And Roaches)

What do a SoCal nurse and a gay guy from Georgia have in common? Pets! And hoarding. 2016.03.20S08.E14

On The Walking Dead, Ladies Get In Free

For the female of the species is more deadly than the male. 2016.03.14S06.E13

Hoarders Has Got It In The Bag

One hoarder has never met a 'reusable' shopper he didn't like; the other must get a sweet discount on American's favorite tote. 2016.03.13S08.E13

Should You Let Damien Give You The Mark Of The Beast?

Or will it take all the hounds of Hell to make you watch the Devil's son work out his daddy issues? 2016.03.07S01.E01

Hoarders Makes A Study In Contrasts

One sells tea to make you pee, another stockpiles bottles of urine. Someone get these two together! 2016.03.06S08.E12

Should You Move In With The Family?

Do you have room on your DVR for yet another abducted child drama? 2016.03.03S01.E01

iZombie's Book Of Revelation

Surprises abound and makers are met. 2016.02.24S02.E14

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