Eve Batey

Eve Batey's a co-founding writer of SFist.com, a former deputy managing editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, the founder of the San Francisco Appeal, the co-proprietor of Slow News Day, and a dogsitter.

Empire Gets Operatic

La Bohème (and Antonio) get Cookie's juices flowing. 2016.10.13S03.E04

How Much Money Would You Win Playing Poker With The 60 Days Inmates?

And other hotter-than-coffee questions from the latest episode. 2016.10.07S02.E09

Guess Who's Coming To Empire

Will the sight of Mariah Carey's many leotards break the Lyons out of their misery? (Spoiler: no.) 2016.10.05S03.E03

Luke Cage Reminds Us Why He's On Top

Power-ranking the players in S01.E05 of Luke Cage. 2016.10.04S01.E05

Why Aren't The 60 Days Inmates Assigned Bunks?

And other not-quite burning questions from this week's installment of 60 Days In. 2016.09.30S02.E08

Empire Starts Drawing Some Battle Lines

As Cookie continues to deny Lucious her affections, his desperation grows and grows. 2016.09.28S03.E02

Should You Say (Captain) Howdy To The Exorcist?

Is there any good reason to let this show possess even a portion of your DVR? 2016.09.23S01.E01

Does 60 Days In Really Think Brian Will Just Change Pods?

...and other e-cig smoking questions elicited by this week's episode! 2016.09.22S02.E07

One Death, One Birth, And Two Empires

As Cookie and Lucious agree to split up their kingdom, Andre's doing some psychic splitting of his own. 2016.09.21S03.E01

Did Ryan's Insufferable Smugness Make 60 Days In's Producers Tip Their Hand?

And other crack-stick-esque questions smoldering enough to make you 'feel like you're coughing blood.' 2016.09.16S02.E06

Was 60 Days In's Elevator Guy A Plant?

As even more fauxmates settle in at Clark County, some things just seem to good to be true. 2016.09.02S02.E04

Sex And The City Winds It Up

Sex And The City's final fairy tale of a season holds a surprising lesson. 2016.08.30

Sex And The City Starts To Pair Off

As SATC nears its conclusion, everyone starts to get what they deserve (or something). 2016.08.23

Catfish Faces Botched By Nature In The Battle Of The Traveling Life-Changers

Two sets of urban gentlemen travel to the flyovers to change lives -- one via plastic surgery, one via image search. Who does it better? 2016.08.17

Tying One On With Sex And The City

Are the women of SATC bawdy boozehounds or subtle sippers? 2016.08.16

In Season 4, Sex And The City Puts Miranda Through The Wringer

But these ladies are still laughing because Season 4 is the strongest yet. 2016.08.09

Sex And The City Gets Too Big For Its Britches

As the show hits Season 3, our Marathon Diarist can't help but wonder if it's started to lose what made it great. 2016.08.02

Stranger Things Gears Up For A Showdown

Everyone finally starts working together, as Stranger Things hurtles towards its conclusion. 2016.07.21S01.E07

Stranger Things May Be Fantasy, But Its Look Is (Mostly) Fact

Fact-checking the look of Stranger Things S01.E05. You know, for science! 2016.07.20S01.E05

Sex And The City's Second Season Gets Meatier

Some of it works, some of it rubs our Marathon Diarist the wrong way. 2016.07.19


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