Eve Batey

Eve Batey's a co-founding writer of SFist.com, a former deputy managing editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, the founder of the San Francisco Appeal, the co-proprietor of Slow News Day, and a dogsitter.

The School For Scandal Is In Session On Scream

Scream's creepy caller claims that corruption seethes below Lakewood's surface, and the only way to reveal it is...gifs? 2015.07.08S01.E02

Everybody Has A Blow Torch, Right?

When a 'tidy' police suicide takes a turn, everyone's a suspect but Hildy and English, it seems. What are they to do? 2015.07.07S02.E05

Does Scream Have What It Takes To Survive?

Scream desperately wants to be sexy, clever, and dangerous. Is it? 2015.07.01S01.E01

Leaves Of Three

Panties, paranoia, and pastries reign over Episode 8. 2015.06.18S03.E08

Will Hodiak Ever Eat That Apple Fritter?

Aquarius waves resolution in front of our faces, but it's hard to get a bite. 2015.06.11S01.E12

No Sleep 'Til Falco

iZombie wraps up its first season with an impressively high body count. 2015.06.10S01.E13

Do Hispanic People Who Are Trying To Pass As White Really Go All 'Enchiladas' When Saying Spanish Words?

When a closeted Cuban detective is exposed, the entire bullpen is thrown for a loop. 2015.06.09S01.E10

Granny Chasers Unite

When Hodiak investigates a movie star's death, he learns that love gets a lot less free when you're over fifty. 2015.06.04S01.E07

We've Got Spirit (What, What?)

Liv's up, down, and all around after a combo of stoner and cheerleader brains. 2015.06.03S01.E12

Express Yourself

Sam solves a murder, Emma takes a trip, and everyone looks flawless. 2015.06.01S01.E04

Seeing Isn't Always Believing

When Liv eats a mentally ill guy's brain, she becomes the most unreliable of narrators. 2015.05.27S01.E11

Max Ragergate

Liv's drunk, miserable, and looking for Deep Throat. 2015.05.20S01.E10


Will Liv's snack of sniper be enough to bring down a Cobain-obsessed baddie? 2015.05.13S01.E09

Talk Therapy

When Liv chows down on a sexpert, she realizes she knows less than ever. 2015.05.06S01.E08

Nookie For Norman?

When Norman's first love returns to town, he might get laid! Or not. 2015.05.04S03.E09

How I Ate Your Mother

When Liv snacks on a sister wife, she gets the baby blues. 2015.04.29S01.E07

Deliver Us From Evil

Who wants takeout? 2015.04.22S01.E06

Love And Human Remains

Has Liv found a man whose heart beats in time with hers? 2015.04.15S01.E05

Many Are Trapped For Hours In Darkness And Confusion

It's time to wind up The Wire's Marathon Diary! 2015.04.09

The Fabulists

Who's a more offensive fake, the red ribbon killer or EJ? 2015.04.02

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