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Eric Lillian is a freelance writer and full-time experiencer of television. He's memorized every Behind The Music episode. Don't ask him about it, you'll be here all day.

Riverdale Presents: Whoa, Dark Betty (Bam-a-Lam)

Dark Betty has a wig, bam-a-lam; look out, football pigs, bam-a-lam. 2017.02.09S01.E03

Hashtag Riverdale Strong

With a murder investigation now in full swing, Archie is tied in sexy knots over whether to tell the cops what he knows about the 4th of July and ruin his dumb teacher romance forever. 2017.02.02S01.E02

Should You Let Archie's New Hotness Take You To The Riverdale?

Since when does Archie have abs? Since the venerable comics series got adapted for The CW. Will a murder mystery and a bunch of hot teens be enough to bring the brand into 2017? 2017.01.25S01.E01

Summer House Hosts TV's First Snapchat Story Arc

New arrival Jaclyn shakes up the Summer House with her self-described 'cock-tease' ways, but it's Carl who causes drama in absentia with a mere Snapchat. 2017.01.24S01.E03

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Tune In, Turn Out, and Pop Up (For Charity)

Phaedra organizes a 'pop-up shop' to raise money for Flint, Michigan, which is the perfect setting for the husky-voiced return of Marlo. 2017.01.16S09.E10

Should You Go In On Bravo's Summer House?

Bravo's new reality series about pretty idiots (technically a Vanderpump Rules spinoff) might just sour you on white people forever. 2017.01.11S01.E02

Mary Berry Says 'Ooze' Quite A Lot On A Chocolatey Great American Baking Show

A double episode takes the final five bakers from chocolate to custard to meringues. 2016.12.23S02.E05

Should You Give The Mick Custody Of Your Precious TV-Watching Time?

Kaitlin Olson takes a break from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia to raise a few rich brats when her sister goes on the lam. Is this just 'Auntie Buck,' or is Sweet Dee finally getting a victory? 2016.12.22S01.E01

How To Get Away With Murder Holds An Airing Of Grievances

Annalise doesn't want her students to murder her someday, so she encourages a healthy exchange of ideas (bitch sesh). 2016.11.04S03.E07

So You Think You Can Dance Refuses To Cut Any More Children

In the penultimate episode of this wayward season, best routines of the year are reprised, and no one goes home. Great. 2016.09.06S13.E12

So You Think You Can Dance Is The Land of A Thousand Tear-Jerkers

The top eight get mercilessly cut down to six, but not before everybody performs a routine with some kind of message or another. 2016.08.02S13.E09

So You Think You Can Dance Is Starting With The Kid In The Mirror

The top nine dancers all perform in their home styles, with their mentors. It means JT knocks out a Travis Wall routine, while Nigel lectures the kids on how to be good little soldiers. 2016.07.26S13.E08

Oh Right, Now's When So You Think You Can Dance Ruthlessly Eliminates Children

The elimination stage is upon us. Which means that for every adorable dancer, we'll get one heart-wrenching elimination. Gotta start somewhere. 2016.07.19S13.E07

No One On The Real Housewives Of New York City Is Happy For LuAnn

The other women are definitely cool to LuAnn. Okay, more like ice-cold. What does a Countess have to do for the bitches in her life to be happy for her? 2016.07.07S08.E14

So You Think You Can Dance Gets A Top 10 We Actually Know

The ten all-stars settle on ten tykes to take to the finals. Which children will you be booing next week? 2016.06.27S13.E05

Ramona Is Running An Apology Camp On The Real Housewives Of New York City

In a full hour of puppy nuptials and vaginal health problems, Sonja keeps looking better and better. 2016.06.23S08.E12

So You Think You Can Dance Experiments With Adulting

The all-stars show up for the Academy phase of SYTYCD Babies. Basically, it's The Voice now. 2016.06.21S13.E04

It's A Daddy-Daughter Dance On So You Think You Can Dance: TNG

The New York auditions present a couple dancers with actual maturity. And then there are the overzealous dads and kids who based their costumes on Magic Mike. Kids ruin everything. 2016.06.14S13.E03

There Must Be A Drought In Chicago, Because These So You Think You Can Dance Parents Are Thirsty

The auditions roll into Chicago, where we get ballet, puking, and more camera-hungry parents than you could ever imagine 2016.06.06S13.E02

On So You Think You Can Dance, Kids Are The Final Frontier

After rebranding as 'The Next Generation,' SYTYCD is back with a youthful makeover. America's Kids Got Dancing, y'all! 2016.05.31S13.E01

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