Dylan Garsee

Dylan Garsee lives in Austin. He's in the Top Ten 30 Rock Quiz Up players in Texas. He's afraid of water levels in video games. You can read his writing at Loser City, Ovrld, Comics Bulletin, and elsewhere.

Everyone Fills Up At A Fuller House Thanksgiving

Full House reunites with Fuller House for the holidays. 2016.12.13S02.E06

I Am The Corn Cob From Fuller House S02.E05

Tales from a corn cob that takes an incredible journey. 2016.12.13S02.E05

The Fullest Fuller House Is Also The Spookiest

It’s Halloween in S02.E04, so let’s just throw out all time and logic! 2016.12.13S02.E04

Hide Your Children, It's Project Runway's Bathing Suit Challenge!

The contestants are each challenged to design a bathing suit for Heidi. Is anyone successful? No! 2016.10.06S15.E04

Booch, Tooch, And Pooch!

The contestants pose with dogs that look just like them but are better models. 2015.10.03S22.E09

I Am A Frozen Kosher Meal

We're taking over! 2015.06.18S03.E09

Should You And Eight Strangers Watch Sense8?

Cops and DJs and Daryl Hannah, oh my! 2015.06.05S01.E01

'Ten Inches, But It's Thick'

Previously.TV's size queen ranks the biggest dicks on TV! 2015.03.23

Should You Save The World From 12 Monkeys?

Y'all liked Fargo right? Well, the film 12 Monkeys also came out in the '90s! 2015.01.17S01.E01

Flower Crown Of Darkness

Is that Betsey Johnson’s lipstick in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? 2014.11.14S04.E03

Get On Getting On!

Please don't let this show go the way of Enlightened. 2014.11.09S02.E01


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