David T. Cole

David is also known on the Internet as Glark. He doesn't write much because he's barely literate. He's old and like any respectable old man his hobby is photography. You can see his photos at his site.

The Rules of Under The Dome

CBS released a quick guide to the rules of the dome, and we have the follow-up. 2013.07.01

The Hero's Manic Marty Can't Stop Moving, Won't Stop Moving!

Is it shark week already? If Marty stops moving will he die? 2013.06.28S01.E04

Welcome To You're 'Dome!'

The Under The Dome and Frisky Dingo crossover we want to see! 2013.06.25S01.E01

'Not Great Bob!'

The next season of Mad Men is probably a year away, if not longer, so Bob just wanted to check in on how you're feeling today. 2013.06.24S06.E13

Don Draper's Hershey's Ad

We found the original Hershey's ad hashed out during last night's 'Mad Men.' 2013.06.24S06.E13

Why The Hero Is Between The Rock And A Hard Place

It pains us to do it, but here's what's wrong with The Hero. 2013.06.21S01.E03

Michael Sheen as Emperor Nero Is The Very Best Thing

"Om nom nom nom!" -- Michael Sheen on scenery chewing 2013.06.19

For Your Consideration: Emmy Contenders And The Menu Items They Should Sway Voters With

Dexter has a bloody-looking Coolhaus ice cream sandwich. House Of Cards has barbecue. We have suggestions for the others. 2013.06.18

The Brillance of Look Around You In Pictures

If you like this show, we can hang. 2013.06.18

Take The Quiz! Poison Song Or Line From Rock My RV With Bret Michaels?

[cyoa code="0AqkRzH8pc_wMdFdrWExtRU1SMFI2dkNfNVM5eXR0MkE"] 2013.06.14

JFK Teaching Rob Lowe To Play JFK in Killing Kennedy

He's teaching Rob Lowe the Great, or should he say Rob Lowe the So-So? 2013.06.13

Analyzing How Much Rock Time We Get in The Hero

We took a stopwatch to clock The Rock’s on-screen contributions and were pleasantly surprised with the results. 2013.06.07S01.E01

The Red Wedding: Safe For Kids Edition

Finally you can share the Game Of Thrones red wedding with the whole family. 2013.06.05S03.E09

The Symbolic Megan T-Shirts Rejected From Mad Men

Is Megan Sharon Tate? And if so, was she supposed to have possibly been John Lennon? 2013.05.31S06.E09

It's Not Called A Wheel, It's Called A Volume Knob

Don Draper dreams of fresh tech from Koss R&D. 2013.05.12S06.E08

White Vincent: The Early Years

Before he was a monster, he was a boy. 2013.02.25

If It's Scottish, It's Crap at Downton Abbey

Exactly like when the Bradys went to Hawaii but with fewer cursed tikis. 2013.02.17S03.E09


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